MT Vessells call it a day

MT Vessells… Of all the posts we have posted this has to be the hardest. After 21 years on the live music circuit in Hastings we have taken the decision that this is the time to bring it to an end. We have had many great gigs, loads of laughs and made many lifelong friends. Without all of you we would not have been able to go on for so long. We will miss you all. Remember the good times and Shang-a-Lang!

Five Bob Rocket 1989/1990






photo Andy Knight, Roger Carey, Pete Prescott, Joe Rytlewski.

all cuttings & photos supplied by  Pete Prescott

Phil Gill….I have absolutely no remembrance of owning anything even vaguely like what I’m wearing in that picture and apparently I appear to be drunk. I don’t have clue what I was wearing. It looks like I was dressed as a town crier. Apart from that, everyone in that photo is pissed.

Diane Knight…..sorry to disappoint you Phil , but you did …I was there !!!!  I think you and Andy were in your silver jacket age mode !!!

John Laidlaw…..Phil, I remember you wearing that jacket.

Pete Prescott…..What a good looking young thing! It looks like me and jo are having a dump! The newspaper cutting was taken at jo’s did wear that jacket.there are people you can speak to.its a common problem with players !  I was more concerned about your trousers !


Let there be drums! interview with Slade legend Don Powell by Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson…. I catch up with founding member of Slade and drumming legend, Don Powell. Don’s band have just released a brand new single, a cover of the instrumental classic ‘Let There Be Drums’ featuring eighteen of the UK’s leading drummers with all profits going to…  raising money for crew, engineers and technicians hit by the pandemic and the cancellation of live gigs. Via Zoom in Don’s home in Denmark we talk about the new single, about the old Slade days, about working with Suzi Quatro and Andy Scott, about recovering from a stroke and much, much more besides.

interview continues here…

Kevin Sherwood… Great interview.

Contrast – Saturdays Discotheque George Street Hastings June 1976

Anyone remember ‘Contrast’?

photo supplied by Colin Norton

Martin Richter… *full bar service*

Stuart Moir… Centre page supported Hot Chocolate at this Disco when it was a live music venue, I remember lugging my drums up the rear fire escape stairs

Robert Searle… Worse thing about that venue was those steps at the back, loved playing there though and being a customer too.

Colin Norton… Photo of Contrast – Lawrie Broadway on keyboards.

Clare Bennett… I remember it, don’t think I went in there

Martin Richter… Stuart, lol – imagine bumping up to 50 barrels of beer up those stairs every week – that was *my* job – lucky me

Jacquie Hinves… Great times spent there. We would get back to the RESH nurses home change, go to the Golden Hind then head to Saturdays! Home at 2am , up again at 5.30 to catch the bus from the railway station at 6.15 and be at St Helens for the 7am shift. Good times.


The Rebels – Eastbourne Teachers Training Collage – Jan 1966


supplied by Colin Norton

The Rebels at Eastbourne Teachers Training College in January, 1966. L to R: Colin Jenner – Bass Guitar, Colin Norton – Drums, Mick Noakes – Guitar, Baz Cooper – Organ, Pete Alland – Vocals.

Andre Martin… VOX PA that takes me back!

Colin Norton… Yes, the good old 50 watt Vox PAs were the ‘Industry Standard’ at that time 🙂

Andre Martin… I had 4 for my disco bought them from Maccarios ? In Shaft bury Ave in 1968-secondhand with 100watt amp, imagine playing with that today!I used to use that regularly on Hastings Pier and was thought very loud at the time-oh the simple days.

Trying to get in contact with Stephen Turner

Stephen Moran… Hi everyone, as some of you may know I’m currently doing research into the popular music histories of Hastings and I was wondering if anyone is in contact with Stephen Turner? Steve was in my class at Hastings Grammar school in the sixties and early seventies and he was a journalist at the Hastings Observer during the mid-seventies where he wrote a regular column called ‘Group Scene’. I would really like to make contact with Steve if possible and I would be grateful if anyone can help me get in touch. Many thanks

Peter Thomson… Good luck with that Stephen. Just to confuse things, the Steve you are looking for was one of at least three Steve Turners that were in roughly the same age group and around Hastings at that time. One, then an active musician, is my brother in law but I’m afraid was never a journalist.

Mick O’Dowd… I remember him when I was promoting. Used to go and see him and he would print pics of groups I was putting on and give them write-ups. Nice bloke.

Stephen Moran… thanks Mick I have equally good memories of him from school and he really championed Hastings bands and knew a lot about them. I’m still hopeful that I’ll track him down.

Alan Esdaile… Likewise, what Mick says. Nice guy and always went out of his way to promote what was going on.


Daisy – The Yorkshire Grey 1970/71





all photos supplied by Yvonne Cleland

Terry Corder, Will Thomson, Tony Barraclough and Kevin Hoad on drums.

Yvonne Cleland…..Awwwwww what a great band they were! Yes, Will has his hand on Tony’s knee, and Tony is a bit nervous. 🙂 I do believe these were taken at the Yorkshire Grey. This was before Wesley Magoogan joined the band which later metamorphosed, lost Moff, Tony and Terry, added Den Wootton and Mike Tanner and became Felix.

Andy Qunta…..Excellent!

John Wilde…..Really good to see these photos. Great days for all.

Pete Fisher…..remember being present at a rehearsal in a church hall in Hastings, where Terry was the tall guy on bass and vocals,, with an amazing vocal range, and it was Loud!!

Terry Corder… Wow! That’s going back a bit. Probably 1972/3.


The Jack Tripp Show – White Rock Pavilion Hastings 1970

Nadia Compagnone… My birthday treat every year. Absolutely loved it, especially Bobby Crush!

Alan Esdaile… Bobby Crush could certainly play but his cheesy smile was annoying!

Tony Davis… I had a summer romance with one of the dance troupe on this show. I met her at the Astral Club

Barry French… Went to see his “Take A Tripp” show at the White Rock. This would have been early seventies. It was a typical, entertaining seaside holiday show. I remember his opening song was “Along the prom prom prom prom promenade” (You don’t get song titles like that any more)

Jacky Mould… I went to see his show in August 1971 with my family, aged 11. Loved it!

Elaine Stock… I remember going to this!

Prinny’s Club – George Street Hastings. 1970’s with Peter White Quartet.


Anyone remember Prinny’s? Next to the Pump House

Martyn Baker… Ray Darlison on drums? He was my first musical mentor. Great bloke – Fabulous drummer too.

Pauline Sims… Think it was Alan (I’d been trying to remember its name for ages!)

Tony Davis… I remember going there quite often for a while. I seem to remember it was run by a jazz musician called Ken who had an asian wife. I remember there being a drummer called Brian I think. Can anyone confirm this or am I imagining it!

Martyn Baker… Ray Darlison was my first musical mentor too. I moved to Hastings at the age of 12 from Bow, East London. Ray knew about my interest in music as I played the bass (a bit). He lived next door (on the top of West Hill) .He encouraged me and I learned a lot from him about music over the next few years, and ended up playing jazz as my first style of music in his bebop band. I didn’t know much about the history of this stuff though of course. Piers Clark played guitar in our band, and from this I soon met Roger Hubbard, Wesley Magoogan, Tich Turner, Martin Stringer and Andy Knight, who had formed a soul/funk band called Steppin’ Out. We rehearsed in the Old Town Arts Centre on the corner of All Saints Street and London Road. We were soon playing a lot of gigs – mostly in pubs at first, but we did OK, and nearly got signed to Rod Stewart’s label RIVA records. I was doing 3 nights a week in licensed premises before I was even allowed to drink alcohol, as I was too young. Ha! That did not stop me in Hastings though! I got my music biz breaks later….. But that’s another story.

Gaynor Duke… Ken with his Korean wife (Lee) ran the Safari Club in the premises

Tony Court-holmes… I worked there as a pot bar when Don Stuart had the anchor back in early 70s god I am old

Ray Davies… (in reply to Martyn) Ray Davies opened Prinny’s for Don Stewart