Forcefield & Cozy Powell Memories – 1987


Here’s a rare photo of  Cozy Powell taken by Pete Prescott, rehearsing at Catsfield Studios playing the hammers!



left to right ray fenwick, chris cozens, cozy powell, pete prescott, neil murray



Terry Pack ….I had recorded a ‘disco’ bass part on a version of Smoke On The Water (I think that Nigel Glockler might have played drums on it) that Ray Fenwick and Ike Nossel were working on. It was a terrible idea, and I hated the bass part, but it was a session and I got paid. Cozy had come to Park Gates to do something or other, and was invited to play on the track, which he did, but he also hated the bass part, and suggested getting Neil Murray in to play it straight. The result was a recording that sounded much like Rainbow or Gillan, with Pete singing the lead, and the Forcefield project began. Later albums (I played on several) involved Graham Bonnet from Rainbow and Tony Martin from Black Sabbath, and most of the guitarists in Europe, including Jan Akkerman ,Mickey Moody, Bernie Marsden and Mario Parga. Don Airey was also involved. It was a pro to All Star Tribute Band, with various ex-members of various hard rock bands rerecording classic rock tunes.

Peter James Shaw comments…..If you look carefully music buddies you may recognise my 1968 Ludwig kit being bashed by the late loud Cozy….although, I must confess, it’s his own snare coupled with a combination of my, and his, cymbals….but why, you may ask!…Cozy wanted a certain sound and Ray volunteered my kit! It was good to met Cozy at Park Gates and, when finished, a new set of skins and a pair of his ENORMOUS drum sticks…I still have them! Terry or Pete P will know the Forcefield tracks recorded and Cozy offered me a Yamaha kit for trade price but not one of his signature snare drums…of which only 3 were made for him! Good days…!

Pete Prescott comments on Cozy Powell…afternoon.he was so good.very fast.told some brilliant stories.and went.barry st john was the and out so fast.great lady.amazing stories (one about lennon in hamburg) sitting with neil murray (ray and cozy gave him a real hard time) lovely guy. i met him again just before he died.he was going to play on the next album paul sinden and i were making.very sad.during one track cozy neil ray and i jammed on “fly me to the moon” he could really swing.check out the jeff beck albums.he was great.not just a thumper on his later albums.

Terry Pack comments on Cozy Powell….On one occasion we were booked for a session at Redwood (Monty Python’s studio opposite Regent’s Park). I arrived at the appointed time to discover that Cozy was already set up and the engineer was getting a drum sound sorted out. Cozy saw me in the control and waved me into the studio. He took off his cans, shook my hand and pointed at the snare drum, which was covered in towels and gaffer tape. I raised my eyebrows, and he said, “Pint?” This was code for, I’m not happy. Let’s get some air. The producer and engineer were given no time to react as Cozy marched out with a brief, “We’re going for a pint.” in his broad Wiltshire accent. ‘What’s the towel for?” I asked him. “Oi don’t f…in’ know. Ask xxx. He says he wants EXACTLY the same snare sound as on the last album, so he want to use my snare as a trigger for the sample he’s made.” “But, we’re in the same studio as last time. Is it the same drum? Same sticks? Same mic?” “Yep. All EXACTLY the same.” ‘Then it should sound the same. We even have the same engineer!” “Roight!”, he says, downs his pint, and says, “Come on!” The towels and tape were removed, and the session proceeded without a word being said. The snare sound was fine.

Pete Prescott….i remember the workmen hammering in time as the track was being done.cozy asked if there was leakage as they shouldnt hear anything it was ok.he was so hard and loud !

Chris Cozens…..James Derby was the name of the harmonica player Terry. The album was called Southern Region Breakdown.

And here’s a live version of Cozy’s 1973 hit ‘Dance With The Devil’

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… I have not heard that in years! Such a shame he died so young. Don’t know why this made me laugh, but it did. Rock ‘n’ roll!! \m/ Cozy Powell On Record Breakers

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