Bucks Fizz – White Rock Pavilion Hastings – 3rd June, 1983?

Matt Thomas… 1983. Same promo picture that was up in the bar for years

Roland Clarke… great publicity shot

Pete Prescott… I think I went to this show. They are amazing live.

Mike Waghorne… 84 ! was when it reopened after the referb we were still working there to the autumn of that year

Steve Kinch… I worked with BF for a couple of weeks in the early 90s when their regular bass player was touring with Cliff Richard. I have to say it was a surprisingly fun, but challenging handful of gigs. Oh, and not too many that can say Cheryl Baker has cooked them breakfast

Colin Bell… Steve, I always wanted Jay Aston to cook me breakfast………sadly it never happened

Dave Nattress… Saw this and very good they were. 37 years ago!! Frightening!! Still got glossy programme.

Andy Ives… 83 I was there

Graham Sherrington… Bloody Hell Britain’s ABBA

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