Kids playing in the mud back in the day.

source: Jim Tamburro. photographer: unknown

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Brilliant

Pete Prescott… Yep ! 1st war Trench systems at the bottom of the garden !

Dave Weeks… Pete, and an electric fence just to make it fun

Paul Cullen… Absofragginglutely

Gaynor Lewry… Yes my brother and I made mud pies dug big holes my mum would go out every night and fill them in for the next day !!!

Stuart Moir… Definitely and that’s why we can cope with all the bugs, good immune systems

Paul Huggett… Oh yeah, a Romney Marsh dirt track for numbered up toy cars given the stock car treatment

Joan Ann Cooper-fenner… Yep

Kate Recknell-Page… No we didn’t cos our back garden was used for growing all our fruit & veg but we did have a meadow outside our back gate so played there or Cranford park which was just across the road- such happy days xx

Rose Biela… Sister and I dug big hole in the garden looking for treasure. Realising we got carried away, started digging it in and couldn’t quite fill it in so put a small branch over it to hide it My mother was not impressed when her foot sunk in it

Eileen Meegan… Yes! I was usually climbing a tree 😆 defo ferrel.

Greg Musgrave… Out at dawn back at sunset and if wasnt in before the street lights switch on i would get a thick ear

Keith Flanigan… Yes, growing up in the 50s. Quite right Pete Prescott. My Father told me about trenches in our back garden, where we used to live in Eastbourne. More likely used for jumping into, when the Luftwaffe came across the English Channel to bomb the South of England during WW2

Rose Biela… Keith, we had an air raid shelter in London we used to play on it climbing over the top. We were not meant to go down it but sometimes sneaked down the ladder. My family had been in it most nights during the war and there was a bit of a tingle down the spine to think of that. By time we were kids Grandma used it to store veg pre fridge days

Edward Adams… yeah

Keith Flanigan… And being told if we did deep enough, we would reach Australia. Did we believe them? Maybe we did.

Robert Fisher… Good Days.

Julian Jules Carter… Oh yes!

Andy Qunta… Absolutely! Hour after hour, day after day!

Jim Peckham… Yep

Chris Wood… I’m bloody sure one of those little tykes is me.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The stories I could tell…the best one was when I tried to jump offer a trench being dig for a new sewer system and didn’t make it so fell into two foot of very muddy water, had to be rescued by my dad with a ladder, we lived on a small estate and all the neighbours joined my dad in his rescue. I emerged COMPLETELY covered in mud with about ten parents in hysterics at my plight….I ran away and hid behind a fence in my garden…. It took half an hour to find me and THREE baths to get me clean

John Ward… Noaaaw We didnt have as many toys as that , the odd defused hand grenade and a Mills bomb which my mum kept as an ornament on the mantel piece, and that was about it.

Keith Flanigan… Found four Live Lee Enfield .303 rifle bullets near the old army Firing range on the Crumbles Eastbourne. Took them home, ripped the tips off the casings using pliers and a hammer. Cordite in my Mother’s empty hinged, metal Dunhill cigarette boxes. Then set fire to them. Clouds of white smoke everywhere.

Rose Biela… Keith, yea war stuff was always turning up gas masks and other army stuff things made out of old bullets My dad still wore an army jerkin and beret for most of the sixties

Elsie Wilcox… Yes, we used to watch one of our neighbours kids eat worms. Lol

Ian Johnson… Yep

Willie Wicking… Defo

Brian Hepburn… Yes

Martin Curcher… The kid on the right looks a little like me back then

Mick O’Dowd… You had to make your own entertainment back then. The weather always seemed to be fine and you spent your day outdoors doing proper kids things. I had my Dinky/Corgi toys excavating and dumping on my pretend building site. Oh heaven!

John Warner… 100%

Tracy Birrell… Yes definitely. Still a wildling…

Beki Milton… Yep xx

Mick Burt… Oh yes !!

Stephen Glayzer… Absolutely

Jane Hartley… Yes

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