The Rebels – Eastbourne Teachers Training Collage – Jan 1966


supplied by Colin Norton

The Rebels at Eastbourne Teachers Training College in January, 1966. L to R: Colin Jenner – Bass Guitar, Colin Norton – Drums, Mick Noakes – Guitar, Baz Cooper – Organ, Pete Alland – Vocals.

Andre Martin… VOX PA that takes me back!

Colin Norton… Yes, the good old 50 watt Vox PAs were the ‘Industry Standard’ at that time 🙂

Andre Martin… I had 4 for my disco bought them from Maccarios ? In Shaft bury Ave in 1968-secondhand with 100watt amp, imagine playing with that today!I used to use that regularly on Hastings Pier and was thought very loud at the time-oh the simple days.

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