MT Vessells call it a day

MT Vessells… Of all the posts we have posted this has to be the hardest. After 21 years on the live music circuit in Hastings we have taken the decision that this is the time to bring it to an end. We have had many great gigs, loads of laughs and made many lifelong friends. Without all of you we would not have been able to go on for so long. We will miss you all. Remember the good times and Shang-a-Lang!

Five Bob Rocket 1989/1990






photo Andy Knight, Roger Carey, Pete Prescott, Joe Rytlewski.

all cuttings & photos supplied by  Pete Prescott

Phil Gill….I have absolutely no remembrance of owning anything even vaguely like what I’m wearing in that picture and apparently I appear to be drunk. I don’t have clue what I was wearing. It looks like I was dressed as a town crier. Apart from that, everyone in that photo is pissed.

Diane Knight…..sorry to disappoint you Phil , but you did …I was there !!!!  I think you and Andy were in your silver jacket age mode !!!

John Laidlaw…..Phil, I remember you wearing that jacket.

Pete Prescott…..What a good looking young thing! It looks like me and jo are having a dump! The newspaper cutting was taken at jo’s did wear that jacket.there are people you can speak to.its a common problem with players !  I was more concerned about your trousers !