Reminds me of my grandparents…

shared from Michelle Nixon

Michelle Nixon… Reminds me of my grandparents, I can hear the clock ticking, the knitting needles, turning of the paper and I bet that was just his favourite chair

Roger Simmonds… Reminds me of mum and dads front room!

Stuart Moir… Mine as well as a kid

Nicola Dobson… Reminds me of my grandfathers house (dads dad)..he had chiming clocks in every room and hall

Pete Houghton… Those were the days

Andre Martin… Look at that old radio behind “Dad” you could travel the world by tuning into all sorts of stations, what a great way to learn your geography and what an adventure.

Jim Breeds… Andre, so much more travelling the world is possible today thanks to the infinite number of Internet radio stations available at the fingertip.

Richard J Porter… Like it was for me growing up.

Alan Esdaile… can remember the loud ticking clock.

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Same here Alan… and my Grandma always kept one clock about 30 minutes fast so they wouldn’t be late! Late for what? Late for where? By then their routine was all centred around each other, their garden and daily routine. Love them still…miss them too!

Tracy Birrell… I grew up with my grandparents in a home like this. Wonderful times.

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