Hastings College Of Art foundation course – 1978/1979

supplied by Rose Watling.  photo © Dave Trodd 

Rose Watling… Hastings College Of Art foundation course at the Brassey Institute.

Matt Thomas… What a fantastic picture

John Gale… Heather McCartney front row far right,,, Nick Howe top row far left John Curtess 2nd row 2nd from the right (I think)

Alan Esdaile… Rose Watling second in front row and Rose said , one of the Chapman brothers is at the back.

Toby Johnson… If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed over the decades, it’s how weird art students are

Markos Eva… Wow. Can’t be Rod Harman at the back in the middle can it??

Martin Richer… Dinos ?

Nick Tutt… Dinos. Jake would have been too young then

Rose Watling… Yes it’s definitely Dinos Chapman in the picture, also Rod Harman at the back. Just below Dinos is Rosemary ?, then below her is Liz ?, to the right of Liz is Claudine – our life model, and next to her is Judith ? – sorry I can’t remember anyone’s surnames. Fourth from right, second row (with his hand on his head) is Gavin Upstill.

Lisa Jensen… Tony Collie standing far left – white shirt?

Deborah Wilson… What a fab photo … I was doing a secretarial course at Archery road at this time but used to hang out with the art students in the Fiesta cafe

Jean Lofts…  is that a young Jeb on Rods right? Must have passed you in Fiesta cafe Debs

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