Circuit Four – The Hi-Fi Club Hastings

photos © Dave Trodd

Harry Randall… Named after the “Watkins Circuit Four” guitar I bought my Watkins Rapier 33 from the guy on left who I’ve forgotten his name so names please!

Harry Randall… Available left handed at an extra 10% very few other options in those days hence Hendrix playing right handed Fenders

Barry French… Saw them play at the Yorkshire Grey. A really good covers band. Their lead guitarist used to play a strange shaped Yamaha guitar.

Mick O’Dowd… Vaguely remember the name and I think I saw them. Any names?

John Martyn blue plaque Hastings – now cancelled.

1066 Music Blue Plaques… Our Crowdfunder appeal for a blue plaque for John Martyn’s old house in Hastings Old Town will go live tomorrow morning (Saturday 10th July) at 9am. We’ll post a link to the appeal page here as soon as we can. As with the Poly Styrene blue plaque, we are aiming to raise £500, with any extra money this time going to the Hastings RNLI. The Crowdfunder appeal will run for 28 days. As you can see from the design of the blue plaque, we are also mentioning Nick Drake’s regular visits to the house, the last of which was just a few weeks before his sad death in November 1974. Paul Kossoff of Free was another visitor to the house during this time. Thanks for your support.

Here’s a link to the page:

1066 Music Blue Plaques… After much discussion & reflection, we have decided to cancel our Crowdfunder appeal and plans for a blue plaque on John Martyn’s old house in Hastings Old Town. Any donations already received will be refunded. We, maybe naively, originally thought that our plans for the blue plaque would be seen to be celebrating John Martyn’s music & his time in Hastings. But, we came to realise that by planning to erect that blue plaque we could be seen to be condoning John Martyn’s history of violence towards women. This was never our intention. We abhor & condemn any violence towards women, or any form of domestic abuse. We apologise if anyone has been offended or upset by our original plans. We will now be taking some time out, before deciding our next course of action.