Hastings Beer Festival 1985 – Alexandra Park

Mark Rodrigues…. Lol Wurzela!

Julian Deeprose… Halcyon days…..

Andy Knight… Interesting that it went on until Midnight, these days the music has to stop at 11pm.

Sheila Maile… Last one I went to was the Quo

Sandra Cunningham… Sheila, I went to that one, great night, loved the Quo x

Claire Louise Maplesden… was 3 months old & this is my mums birthday week but placing my bets she never made it with newborn sleepless nights

Jon McCallion… Claire, Remember the early beer festivals well, with the Wurzels, The Strolling Bones and also Status Quo. Good times

Matthew Thomas… I remember this one very well

Anne Murray… I’ve still got the glass beer tankard

Julian Deeprose… Anne, I’ve still got the hangover!!!

Jak O’Dowd… I was there

Pete Brazier… Me and Lorna went in the tent and had a chat with the Wurzels! A Great Evening (and great Real Ale)

Alan Esdaile… Pete, were you drinking cider?

Pete Brazier… not that Night! I like a little drink at the end if the day, to lift up me voice and sing!Spend an hour or two with a fine brown brew, Then I’m ready for anything! In case you don’t remember that’s from their song “Morning Glory” 💖 my favourite of there’s (that and “Rock Around The A38!)

Tracy Birrell… Those were the days.

Michael Wilson… A good line up. I’ve still got a few beer mugs from the festival.

Colin Winn… Brian, you must’ve seen The Wurzels . . .

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