I remember Wards looking like this and mens holiday wear

photo source: unknown

Advert 1968

opening advert 14th July 1951 supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Fiona Evans… So do I !

Arthur Sutherland… Love the headless sales assistant.

Pete Fisher… was dragged there to be fitted out with school uniform…

Alan Esdaile… so was I Pete, I was like Kevin the teenager from Harry Enfield!

Tony May… This looks to me like the interior of Apps at Silverhill.

Sue Bennett… When l was small l remember the lovely little drawers with delicate buttons & threads in them.I collected buttons & beads, etc too after that.

Julie Findlay-jones… Wish shops looked more like this now, very nostalgic.

Janine Anne Scott… Do you remember the distinct smell?

Jules Stretton… Me too

Carol Paffett… And Mastins

Pete Brazier… A bit like Grace Brothers Isn’t it

Tony Ham… You beat me to it, are you free My Humphreys? I’m free!

Jon McCallion….  I remember this too. Shame we can’t go back to it, it would be so much better.

Jacquie Hinves… That was downstairs in the Queens Road shop. Upstairs was the Children’s outfitters. I got my first uniform for Our Lady’s Convent in Filsham Road from there!

Judy Atkinson… And my dad’s shop had cabinets like this

Despo Hawkins… Me too

Alan Pepper… Suit you sir !!

Nigel Ford… and the lift with concertina grille guard that only a special staff member (?) would operate.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Dorothy Perkins in Bexhill was a bit like that when I worked there in 1972 but it was in transition, we still had the counters & the cabinets like the photo (bras & knickers), and modern clothes rails for the rest

Jan Warren… I didn’t shop in Wards, but I remember when Woolworths had wooden counters and Sainsburys had marble ones!

Tony Court-holmes… yes

Pauline Richards… Remember the coffee shop seen from Queens Arcade

Wendy Weaver… That was lovely.

Pete Brazier… Were you free?

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