Thin Lizzy another NO SHOW – Hastings Pier 21st June 1975

I think they were booked 3 times for Hastings Pier but all were cancelled.

Alan Esdaile… Replaced by Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance

Steve Amos… That’s a pretty good replacement!

Peter Thomson… I’ve always wondered why they cancelled the one I was aware of but three times? Wow. First time I saw them was at Reading in ‘75; a daytime slot as I recall. Despite the disdain of some, I saw them several times after that and I always remember a consistently sharp performance. They remain one of my favourite live acts.

Pete Houghton… Also a Band called OZO failed to turn up to the Pier

David Edwards… Better of with Ronnie Lane I’d of thought

Kevin Sherwood… 1973 didn’t show for the Vagabonds of the Western World tour not that I’m still bitter.

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