who remembers Timothy Whites in Hastings?

Martin Richter… hell yeah! a neighbour worked there and i worked 3 doors down

Anne Murray… Was it where Plummers was (Debenhams old site)?

Martin Richter… no, it was in Queens Road – a couple (or three) doors down from Boots

Yvonne Cleland… I do, and there was one I London Road St. Leonard’s too! X

Linda Day… I worked in Timothy Whites chemist it was in Queen’s Rd just down from the hardware Timothy Whites

Martin Richter… i known they were known as a chemist but i only ever knew the hardware shop 🙂 was the chemist taken over by Boots ?

Linda Day… Yes

John Gale… Wasn’t it near where Holland and Barratt is now in Queens Rd? My memory seems to think there was a Boots there too, as well as one in Robertson Street

Martin Richter… i always thought it was weird that there were 2 Boots within 500yds (but – they used to have the highest footfall of any retailer – mainly because they were main (if only) chemist in many area – and both were always busy! i also remember 2 Dewhurst butchers on Queen Road between the cinema and M&S

Alan Esdaile… This will help people remember the Queens Road. Derek Clemans painting.

© Derek Clemans

John Gale… that’s brilliant

Martin Richter… crikey – any idea what year? my addled brain seems to remember Boots and TW the other way round and Dewhurst further to the right (?) – i think the Wimpy had previously been the Golden Egg – after it moved from Castle Street ?

Phil Gill… Ah, Bollom. It was neither one thing nor the other.

Linda Day… Think I was there in 1967

Martin Richter… anyone got a time machine? some of this stuff would be worth good money today 🙂 p.s. what’s a coffret!

Allyson Breeds… I think it was a box of talc, I seem to remember my mum having something like that.

Fiona Evans… A coffret was a gift box containg soap,talc,bath cubes & moisturiser. When I was a youngster I used buy one every Christmas for my Mum – I think she liked them !!.

Peter Fairless… It’s French for a little box – – a small coffer.

Colin Bell…It was another of those shops back then that had a unique smell when you entered, funny how you remember these things after so many years!

Jan Warren… Timothy Whites had a store in Western Road, Bexhill too, I still have a catalogue from 1983!

Dave Weeks… Jan, then it was Friday Ad shop

Graham Sherrington… yep

Yvonne Cleland…Didn’t they merge in the end? I thought Boots bought out Timothy Whites.

Colin Bell… They did Yvonne, Boots bought them out in 1968

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