An assortment of lollies from the 1970’s. Which one did you like?


source: seventies time-machine

Alan Esdaile… some good licks here

Pete Prescott… Had emailed all ! Splits and fabs ! Ooooh! Corbett and tiger mint. Anyone remember Jubblies ?

Darren Holmes… Always had to have the Red Devil being a Man Utd fan!!! lol

Peter Thomson… We were served a Fab each courtesy of Virgin Atlantic a couple of weeks back while crossing the pond (really). Beats a boring choc-ice!

Mark Gilham… Bananas – can taste it now

Alan Pepper… Lolly gobble choc bomb – wish I’d thought of that one ! My favourite was the oyster . And anything banana !

Clifford Rose… The good old days when we had an ice cream van parked outside our school gates every dinner time. I would go for the Sky Ray, but most of our local shops were Lyons Maid.

Jane Saunders… Tiger Mint, Heart and cornetto were a firm fav

Mark Praid… Lord Toffingham hadn’t come out yet.

Dennis Torrance… Had everything there but not in the same day nice post

Ernest Ballard… Zoom. Not on the list

Robert Wren… Top Ten

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Splice and the Sky Ray

Andrew Reid McDuffie…  Lyons Maid did the equivalent Zoom, didn’t they Cliff? 

Clifford Rose… Yes and it had three colours as well.

Andrew Reid McDuffie…  I forgot all about Tiger mint. I was a Sky Ray kid

Mike Mitchell… Sky Ray every time for me

Janet Rennie… Zoom and if it was from the ice cream man we would have ice cream and a cornet on the top

Liane Carroll… Splice!!!!

Andy Caine…  what was the one with raspberry ripple, covered in chocolate called? I want one now

Carol Ann Bolton… Top Ten.

Simon Page… Fab 208

Ewan Smith… Zoom for sure

Wendy Weaver… I liked a lolly goggle choc bomb – does anyone remember those? I think they possibly morphed into some other name

Jan Warren… Love all the childhood memories that come from ice-creams, sweets, comics, toys etc ……… its magical – happy days!!

Dave Nattress… Jubblies – as eventually “Last of the Jubblies” – England, Phil Gill, Jaffa.

Phil Gill… Well, Geoff recorded the album, I only played it on the live shows after he quit the band.

Yvonne Cleland… Gimme some of that Raspberry Splice mmmmmmm……

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