It looks like Blackpool Illuminations in here! (Mark Grundy shared question)

Colin Bell… Mine!

Leigh Mitchell… mine too, and if you left the door open…‘were you born in a barn?!

Ralph Winser… Mine too

Paavali Mears… Mine used to say switch em off it costs too much

Nicola Barfield… Mine now I say that lol

Julian Humphries… Regents street at christmas

Tim Harris… Have we won the lottery ?

Paul Kemble – Bielecki… My mum usually

Emma Quarry…. Yes I think so and say you look almost human when you were going out for the night

Leigh Kennedy… Or if you didn’t close a door behind you it was ” Were you born in a barn” !?

Patricia Burgess… Or what did your last servant die of

Lorna Brazier… Yep

Tim Moose Bruce… Or when it was too dark, “its like a cave in here.”

Mike Guy… Tim, it was the Black Hole of Calcutta in our house.

Robert Fisher… yes my father always said that

Mick O’Dowd… I think most people did!

Louise Taylor… My mum

Grant Young… Yep defo mine… or it’s like a summers day in here.

Tracy Birrell… Mine,or ,’It’s lit up like a Christmas tree in here!”



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