Huckells – clothes for the man…

Dave Luck… That takes us back a bit

Julie Findlay-Jones… Oh god I brought a pair of brown cordoroy jeans from there and a striped zip up cardigan thought I was the bees knees lol

John Wilde… Sexist!

Peter Thomson… Very Peter Wyngarde – is it the fag?

Keith Cowper… My God I bought some fab gear in there in the 50s and 60s /anyoneremember Kep Casuals another fab gear shop!!?

Roxine Lucas… Great shop 2 buy ben sherman shirts my bruv loved this shop such along time ago

Jon McCallion… Kep casuals was run by Keith Griffiths good shop. Kep stood for Keith Edward Perry my wife tells me

Stephen Moran… Blimey! That brings back memories! I used to buy my Ben Sherman shirts in Huckells in 1969 for £3!

Carl Ridley… Bought some great bits from there in the day

Eugene Hughes… I can picture the little fella with the beard that worked there. Nice bloke.

John Busbridge… I used to buy a lot of my clothes in there!

Lloyd Johnson…  I only bought one item from Huckell’s .A pair of grey trousers like the ones Tony Meehan wore on the first Shadows L.P. Once Keps Casuals open I thought Huckells was naff.Keps Casual raise the style bar!..

No Home Jerome… Thought you were more a Millets guy!

Lloyd Johnson… Millets use to do some good stuff in the early 60s…Suede Levi’s Jackets Etc….I use to buy jeans from Baldocks in George Street, shoes from Winters in George Street and go to London on a cheap day return and buy the late 60s I opened my own shops in London.

Mick Knights… Malcolm Mitchell ‘ boutique took some beating for clothes few dared to wear!

Lloyd Johnson… Mick Knights that was a great place!…good for Pea Jackets…I bought a great 1920s off white linen suit from the Charity shop next to The Pump House in 63/64 it’s a Tattoo parlour now…the jacket was 4 button high it had bone buttons that were engraved with the words ‘For Gentlemen’ on them….

Linda Day… A friend of mine worked there for years Dave Nugent prob the small guy you mentioned  Eugene, was a lovely person, unfortunately he died quite young

Dennis Torrance… Ben Sherman shirts I got there and some flares lol

No Home Jerome… That’s sad Linda.

No Home Jerome… Brutus shirts too. Couldn’t beat a Benny though

Martin Stringer…  I loved it.

David Edwards… Fab boutique

Lloyd Johnson… FAB Boutique was at the top end of Queens Road…my friend Robert Orbach has photos of it.

Colin Tapp… I seem to remember the band I was in with John Kingdon we were fitted out with our stage outfits at the fab boutique

Lloyd Johnson… Humperdincks!…

Stuart Reeks… Huckells, bought my first leather jacket there numerous clothes, big part of me is still in the 70’s. Wards remember my first pair of olive sta prest trousers.

Gerry Fortsch… Never stocked cloths for fat buggers like me.

Harry Randall… I always bought mine from the shop 6’3″ and I weighed only 11stone 4ozs till I joined the Army now look at me!

Ralph Town… I bought jeans from there and had an exciting time with a young lady in the changing rooms lol.Happy Daze. No names,no pack drill,to protect the guilty lol.


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  1. Huckels , bought my first leather Jacket there numerous clothes , big part of me is still in the 70,s .Wards remember my first pair of olive sta prest trousers


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