Saint Peter The Old Town Stompers – Jazz in the 50’s part 2 of John Powys photos

All photos supplied by William Powys © John Powys

William Powys… Jazz in the 50’s part 2, From my late father John Powys’ archive, these I believe are on the Pier. If anyone recognises the people in the photos, can you please mention the names in the comments as it will add to their interest if I later can get an exhibition together. My father was a prolific photographer, he captured the jazz scene of the 50’s – 60’s trad local revival extensively and this is the tip of the iceberg, I have literally thousands of negatives that I intend to digitalise. Its an incredible archive, also covering his part of the start of the steam preservation movement, (he owned 2 steam traction engines when younger). I’d love to have an exhibition one day! He also (Having a Standard Vanguard van) drove some of the bands including I believe the Dolphin Jazz band and the Indiana jazz band. At some time he went round photographing lots of buildings before they were demolished in the 60’s – 70’s – these I have yet to find, my dad passed away in 2018 after a short illness. His father was Francis Powys who ran The Powys Bookshop (now the retro tobacconist) in George Street. My dad worked for the libraries in Bexhill and Hastings for many years.

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