White Rock Theatre Hastings – Now reopened 5th August 2021.

photo: White Rock Theatre

White Rock Theatre… While the Theatre was closed, a small team of dedicated staff toiled for several months to improve, repair, and refurbish our facilities. To make your return even more special. One highlight is our entrance foyer. The red carpet was removed and the original parquet flooring underneath has been restored. What do you think? We hope you love it when you step back through our doors! https://whiterocktheatre.org.uk

Di Veness… Looks amazing!

Fred Marsh… Looks fantastic , well done

Monica Bane… Very impressive! Your hard work has paid off. Looking great. Thank you all!

Matt Thomas… About time that carpet was given a send off, it was looking worn and torn when I was working there 30 years ago

Mike Waghorne… Matthew, 30 years ago was not long after the referb that I worked on in 83/84 I suppose it was around 6 years old then

Diane Leigh… Much better and can be kept clean

Kathy Wood… But they’ve closed the box office so you can only book tickets online or over the phone.

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Top job X

Harry Lavender… Looks smart

Martin Richter… looks gaw-juss – i’m assuming this is nearer to it’s original look ?

Andre Martin… This is a great building and should be maintained, after that horrendous redesign in the 1980s all plasterboard, plywood and red paint much of the 1920s decor lost, its nice to see some returning, what I would ask if people would use the facilities, then the Council will have problems in getting it demolished and replaced with flats, we lost Verulum Building to just this, that location could have been better improved with a little thought and the willingness.

Monica Bane… What a great text So very true!

Jane Collins… Love it!

Graham Sherrington… Looks nice! Hope those wood floors are ANTI SLIP!

Jacqueline Robbins… Wow

Tracy Birrell… Absolutely beautiful, much better than carpet.


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