John Powys photographer

supplied by William Powys

William Powys… Just before I finish for today, I thought it would be nice to show a picture of my late father who took all of the photos I have shown today, he, John Powys, is on the left, Peter Davis PD (the jazz drummer) is on the right and my mother thinks the ladies in the picture are Carol and Judy. PS His nickname was “Flash”, not because of anything naughty but because of the high grade flashbulbs he used!

Fiesta Coffee Bar

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Andre Palfrey-martin collection.


Tony Qunta….I used to love the Fiesta!

John Alexander Wilde….June 5th 1971 John and Pam wedding reception in the coffee bar. Anyone still alive that remembers this?

Pete Fisher….spent so many hours here hanging out as a teenager…sitting outside on the pavement in the summer…

Stephen Fletcher….Good memories .spent most of my teenage years there.

Andy Qunta…. remember the tea came in a glass that sat in a kind of silver/metal glass holder with a handle.Tea bag still in it, & a long spoon. Good hamburgers too! Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4 – on the juke box, as well as many more great classics!

Gary Kinch……….And tomato ketchup that came in plastic tomatoes. Unscrew the green top, quickly turn the tomato upside down, place green top on the upturned bottom, then leave……….we were really rock and roll

Geoff Peckham….Yes, I would have been with you, Andy. Bridge Over Troubled Water was the soundtrack on the jukebox. Perhaps we discussed forming a band in the Fiesta?

Bernard Jeffery…Big part of my youth, great coffee, used to get a baguette and fill it with chips and loads of ketchup, so healthy. always good music on the jukebox.

Paul Sleet….who remembers Min riding into the fiesta on his bike?

Terry Huggins….I got barred from this place on a regular basis.

Andre Martin…..Does anybody remember the guy – I think his name was Joe, who used to be on the door, downstairs on the corridor up to the club on the top floor, he used to be on ” duty” Friday and Saturday nights till the early hours of the morning, I knew him also from the college where he was a student doing A levels – often wondered what happened to him – nice guy.

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Sons of Man 7th August & Geno Washington 8th August 1965 Witch Doctor St Leonards


Mick O’Dowd… The Ram Jam Band WITH Geno Washington? First time i’ve seen this. He WAS The Ram Jam Band. This must have been an early gig.

John Gale… Geno is still playing and going strong

Alan Esdaile… He was a member of the SMART group awhile ago.

Mick O’Dowd… Saw him a few times and last time was in Bexhill. I was the only one to try to start a “Geno” chant going and it failed miserably. Still it was a good show.

John Gale… He was meant to play the Brass Monkey a few years back, bad weather (Heavy snow) meant it was cancelled and it was never rescheduled. Their ‘Hand Clapping Foot Stomping’ album, is still one of the best ever live albums in my opinion

David Edwards… Geno played Hastings every month or so it seemed a great live band.