Pier bouncers – Peter Reeves, Mick Baldwin, and Tom O’Rourke 1960’s

photo shared from: https://www.hastingspierarchive.org.uk

Pier Community Archives… When the Pier became a venue for rock concerts in the 1960s, bouncers were employed to keep order. The bouncers here are Peter Reeves, Mick Baldwin, and Tom O’Rourke. From the early 1960s the Pier ballroom enjoyed a resurgence as a musical venue for young people, where famous bands such as the Rolling Stones, The Who, Tom Jones and Jimi Hendrix performed. The ballroom may have lacked atmosphere but it did have a capacity of 1,500, and it is widely alleged that 2,000 or more people attended some of the events. The fact that the ballroom was at the far end of the pier meant that noisy, boisterous teenagers would not bother anyone.

Glenn Piper… I was always told the ballroom capacity was 1600 standing, not 1500?

Alan Esdaile… Yes I think your right Glenn but I think when Andre looked into the early pier paperwork from the fire brigade the figure 1600 was the limit for more of the pier and not just the ballroom???

Sandra Bryant… I was told at one of his talks that the capacity for the whole pier was used to cram them in the ballroom . No health and safety in those days . I worked in Scalliwags in the 70’s/80’s and we were always over capacity ( I can back this up) and we’re never checked

Graham Sherrington… Bloody Hell Mick Baldwin great mates with me Dad!!! Joe.

Paul Phillips… Proper doormen not just badge holders

Jane Hartley… Lovely Uncle Tom.

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