Rolling Stones Charlie Watts dies at 80

photo 1: 1965 © Kevin Delaney photo 2 : 2008 © Siebbi

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Paul Cullen… R.I.P.Charlie,a great loss

Malcolm Sharp… Great drummer, r i p

Tim Harris…Just heard. He was the glue that kept the band together during their turmoil years Remember the It’s only Rock n Roll video when it was filling up with bubbles He needed a piss but wasn’t allowed out ! Filmed with him not being amused

Jan Warren… Very sad, R.I.P Charlie

Robert Searle… RIP Charlie

Tracy Birrell… Thank you for all the years of music. He will be missed.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news.

Marcus de Mowbray… Everyone who met or worked with him all say the same things: perfect drummer for the Stones, perfect gent.

Pete Prescott… A legend gone ! But what a life ! Still sad.

Philip John… Pete, I would second that, a first class drummer and an old school gentleman and as you say’What a life’ !

Dennis Torrance.. More sad news my condolences to Charlie Watts family The Rolling Stones and his friends

Tony Qunta… Very sorry to hear of Charlie’s passing. Great drummer and by all accounts a lovely man.

Alan Vale… RIP Charlie saw 2 shows both at Twickenham

Kevin White… Another legend passes, RIP Charlie Watts.

Nick Prince… One of the oddest musical family links ever…… Charlie Watts was Lennie Peters (Migil 5/Peters & Lee) nephew. RIP.

Marty Thongman… One piece of the most iconic Rock and Roll band,gone.A sad day for music.

Robert Fisher… Very sad loss of a great drummer and performer.R.I.P. Charlie

Colin Norton… RIP Charlie



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