Paper Dolls 5th Oct and Paper Lace 28th Sept – Aquarius 1973



supplied by Nick Prince



Paper Dolls Photo – Dutch National Archives, The Hague, Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANeFo), 1945-1989,   Paper Lace  Photo –  Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1974

Tony Qunta…Used to love the Paper Dolls!

Andy Qunta… Me too! Have that song on my iPod!

Tony Davis… I was the DJ for Paper Lace with the International Strip Show. I was allowed to keep my socks on though!

Robert Searle…I saw Paper Lace at the Aquarius, I spoke to the drummer/lead singer. He said they were only being paid a wage, you could tell, he was smoking No6 ciggies

Can you help with the forthcoming Suzi Quatro book by Darren Johnson?

Darren Johnson… Following my book on the Sweet published this summer I’ve been commissioned to do one on Suzi Quatro. Was anyone at the gig she played on Hastings Pier in June 73 just after Can the Can became a hit. By all accounts it was something of a riot. This is how the NME reported it. Let me know if you have any memories you wish to share! “In 1066 they had perhaps THE most historic of battles at Hastings. And at the Suzi Q Band gig there the other Friday, certain people had it in mind to stage a re-run at the Pier Ballroom. Rowdies in farmyard boots stomped the boards; there were Teds with lard in their hair; rebel rousers itched at the promise of an innocent stumbling into them. In short, it was decidedly unpleasant. The atmosphere hummed with intended violence. Apes in monkey suits prowled the area, and in the bar leather jackets bustled bronzed muscles in T-shirts. Beer slopped down chests, over heads, and into big gobs. One poor lad was made part of the wall decor, flattened by a wooden gate and two cruds. Another delightful gent peed all over the toilet floor. But the point’s this: Quatro gigs are the subject of untold controversy at present, and not only for the rowdies reason.”

Peter Fairless… Friday, 8th June 1973. Factory were support.

Jim Breeds… If Factory were the support they may be able to give you some memories Darren. Most of ’em are in this group.

Peter Fairless… This is the gig where they declined Mickie Most’s offer to become the next Smokie, Jim. BTW: that seems like a very typical NME review – nothing about the music!

Darren Johnson… I did pull that out of a much longer article but yes very NME!

Stephen Moran… Hi Darren, I am currently undertaking research into the popular music histories of Hastings from 1960-1985 for a PhD I am doing with the London College of Music. I was interested to read your post and the NME review. I did look through copies of the music press at The British Library for the early part of my study but they only seemed to cover gigs in London or festivals like the Isle of Wight. It’s good to know that NME covered the Suzi Quatro gig and perhaps other live music events in Hastings. There was a short review in the Hastings Observer which you might find interesting. Good luck with the book.

cuttings supplied by Stephen Moran

Darren Johnson… Although the official chart says it went from 34 to no 5! They were right about predicting no 1 though.

Tony Pettifer… Saw her at the top rank Brighton supporting Thin Lizzy and Slade great gig!

Tony Court-holmes… i was there seemed a good night

Iain Cobby… I was there, as my mother and father worked at Hastings Pier Bingo in the theater and got me tickets for gigs. I was 18 that year and remember it being a packed audience but wasn’t aware of any “trouble”, however I do remember Suzi in her sprayed on leather jumpsuit (as I dare say most teens would have …. ) being a bassist I was interested in her P Bass and was impressed by her playing and singing, a good rock and roll show. I also remember the lovely Jenni Inness too, who used to write for The Observer, as she knew Tony Bridger RIP, a well known great guitarist who I had the pleasure of playing with.

Andy Qunta… Our band, Factory, were the support band for this gig. Very responsive audience! Suzi was great! Good luck with your book, Darren! The Sweet book sounds interesting too!

Peter Thomson… This is one I missed having been to see Slade at Brighton Dome earlier in the week. I was still at school, in the midst of ‘O’ levels and had to be up for my Saturday job in Woolies next morning. So I would have been skint as well but I’m sure Saturday night I would have made up for it. Good luck with the book.

Paul Cullen… I was at that gig and don’t remember any troubles like reported. I do recall however Factory getting more encores than Suzi. It was a great evening though



Wild Angels Rob(Bob)O’Connor unconscious on Hastings Pier 16th June 1968

Neil Partrick… I have a album by the ‘Wild Angels’, a rock n roll revival type band whose management at least were located in Catford, which was released in the late 1970s. The members look like they’re in their 30s. Don’t think there’s a Rob O’Connor on it though. Different band altogether?

Mike Raxworthy… Me too.

Ken Copsey… Rob O’Connor was the drummer with the Wild Angels. I met him at a bootsale last year and he is a lovely bloke. There is fantastic footage of him and the band backing Gene Vincent on his last UK tour. I felt honoured to meet someone who had backed Gene. The whole documentary is on YouTube and is very touching. Gene is obviously on his uppers but when he sings he still has the voice and the presence. The real deal.

Neil Partrick… Duuuhh… sorry, Rob (Bob) O’Conner the drummer is on the ’70s LP. They’re obviously the same band. I’ll remember to check Wikipedia first next time (although it’s not always totally reliable)

Brian Inwood… I was just browsing to see if Bob was still around and came across this website. Bob left my band ( the Deadbeats) in the early sixties to join the Wid Angels and I know he backed Gene Vincent. Bob came from Bellingham by the way. His agent was the same as ours and was based in Catford.

Bob O’Connor… In reply to Brian Inward…. Hi I’m still alive after W/A formed my own band Sid Burns and the D A’s then a tour in Holland with the Hell Raisers. Finally joined Cadillac at the ripe old age of 30 retried still love R n R. Hi to anyone who remembers me

Val Portelli… Hi Bob. I’ve been talking about you on the WA FB site and would love to keep in touch. Great to hear you’re still around. So many memories, Le Bourget, Hastings, the Nightingale, St Mick’s. Suss it out O’Connor 😀 If you see this I promise I’m only sherlock and not a stalker. LoL and hope to hear from you. You might not recognise the name but it was ‘ahem years ago. x

Bill Mellish… Greetings Bob O’Connor from St Augustine’s school mates. We meet up every December to celebrate the Saints football teams success’s.(or lack of it ) Hope you are well. Bill Mellish, Tony Galiana, Jon Pulley and Phil Lee

Bob O’Connor… Hi Val third time of trying to reply to you, sorry don’t recognise your name (shame on me) haven’t caught up with the 21st century (don’t want to). Yes it was a long time ago I sometimes wonder if anybody remembers the W/A m Mal,s gone so has Mitch original bass so has Rod his replacement, John still alive so is the piano player. I’m in touch with JC all the time if you get this I’ll get in touch with you Bob x ps still love Rock and Roll. Hi you lot no Tony Robinson? Hi Brian, so much water under the bridge, nice to hear from you. I’m well hope you are too. 6 bands 2 wives long term partners 3 dogs I won’t go on. An old saying, alls well that ends well, hope you get this. p.s. we should have stayed together we were a good band

Brian Inwood… Half right Bob. Four wives ! (But my late wife stuck me for forty years so I’m not a complete failure).Can’t agree about the quality of The Deadbeats though , although I thought we were great back then, an oversized ego helped. John sadly died a couple of years back. Lost touch with the others. Are you in the UK ?

Anyone remember Roy Carpenter who used to sing at talent competitions on Hastings Pier?

photo: Chris Roberts

Dave Trodd… Does anyone remember Roy Carpenter singing at the talent competitions on Hastings Pier, late 50’s early 60’s? He always got the biggest cheer of anyone. It would be great if anyone has any photos?

Robert Searle… A great photo

Lloyd Johnson… I remember bumping into Roy Carpenter outside of The Fiesta Coffee Bar in the early 60s. He was a real character. I never heard him sing but he was trying to convince me and others that Frank Sinatra had given him the hat he was wearing which seemed quiet eccentric at the time.I remember thinking he was a bit weird…. if only The Pier was still intact like this photo!…

Chris Baker… I remember Dave Trodd!

Please Sir! White Rock Hastings

photo: Terry Huggins

Terry Huggins (2012) … Not exactly a band, but cast members of the sit com Please Sir outside the pier.

Peter Fairless… Abbott, Duffy and Craven?

Jan Warren… Love this film and Tv series!

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember a promoter/agent from Eastbourne that we used to called Frankie Abbot?

Colin Bell… Oh yes…..vividly!

Chris Coleman… Chris Islip

Geoff Peckham… Factory’s Laurie Cooksey was (well, still is!) a big fan and Frankie Abbot impersonator! Ask him next time you see him.

Matt Thomas… Then & Now

Iain Cobby… Saw it! big fan of Please sir. In the 70’s , employees got tickets if a show wasn’t selling well………. it was a bit wooden, but a chance to see your TV heroes!


who used to or still have record/cassette cases like these?

advert 1978

Karen Sweatman… Loads of em

Marianne Zargar… Our local record shop in Guildford Town Centre usually has a selection of them for sale. Probably still quite useful but I got got rid of mine. Otherwise still enjoying my 1974 Ultra stereo with original enormous head phones and various accessories like the record stacker. Awesome

Dave Nattress… My Wife has a box containing her old vinyls in the loft – serious criminal records most of them, which she’s forgotten about. Not playing them on my deck so I keep quiet. Some I think are the old Woollies “Hallmark” was it copies – top of the pops – with nice enough looking girls in bikinis on the cover but pretty poor vocal copies. Am I right that some top artists/musicians eventually broke out and did some good stuff who used to do the vocals? Defo had some cassette boxes like these, one would be in the car (Ford Anglia), back in about 1971 with the first round of pre-recorded cassettes I had – still have. 50 years ago, God!!

who remembers Top of The Pops – cover version albums

They used to play these in lots of shops, remember hearing them in Woolworth and the Wimpy bar.

Geoff Peckham… Before that, does anyone remember the EPs you could buy for about 3/11 that contained four current hits covered by session men? I had one with I Wanna Hold Your Hand, so that dates it to 1964.

Kev Towner… I saw some in a charity shop yesterday actually.

Darren Johnson… Could you get them free with petrol too I recall?

Jim Breeds… I have a couple of the LPs. And here’s a blog site dedicated to the subject.

Jan Warren… They were terrible!

Martyn Baker… Yes they were.

Peter Thomson… I once read that an album existed called something like “Thin Lizzy Sings Deep Purple” but I never found it. I might Google it quickly before some other smartass gets the chance. Found it Funky Junction.

Pete Millington… Many of the Top of the Poppers became Cliff Richard’s backing band in the mid 1970s. Have a listen to the cover of Bohemian Rhapsody created in days not weeks and you’ll realise what a stunning bunch of talent they were.

Pete Fisher… I played on recording sessions in 1976 with Alan Tarney (bass) and Trevor Spencer (drums), who were then also Cliff’s rhythm section, and Alan Tarney wrote and produced “We Don’t Talk Anymore”

Peter Thomson… I saw a Dutch covers band while living in Germany, who performed a note perfect version of Bohemian Rhapsody, including the operatic mid section. Queen, who I’d seen in ’76 in Hyde Park, could never do that live.

Dave Nattress… Well I definitely remember the covers!! – Woolies specials weren’t they? I think my Wife has some of these LP’s stashed away in the loft. If I recall correctly were the copies a bit dodgy on the vocals? i.e. not actually very good copies of the originals. Jaffa (Geoff Peckham) mentioned some cheap EP’s. Don’t recall those but I did buy a couple of single/EP sized (EP’s I suppose – Duh) which were I think on the “Disc-a-Fran” label – I did say I think, it was long ago, in about 1966. These had 6 tracks I think and seemed like a bargain – not original tracks but copies and noticeably different. I can’t recall the tracks other than I think Long John Baldry’s Let the Heartaches Begin was on one of them. God alone knows where they came from.

Tim Moose Bruce… When I left school and started work in 76 the factory i worked at had piped music with covers of the recent chart hits. Prob the same musicians. Eventually got radio 1 .

Alan King… Elton John recorded a few, TOTP albums as did David Bowie and the singer out of Uriah Heap, when they were struggling of course


The Sabres – Early 60’s Eastbourne Seafront.


supplied by Len Smith Eastbourne Bands From 1960 on.

Here’s when they played the pier in 1964.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Roy Penfold… These teenagers and their raves…..I just don’t know what the world will come to!

Alan Esdaile… Lots of the gigs were called raves in those days. I wonder when it first appeared.

Glynn Brown… I have a feeling they were the support band when the Honeycombs performed on Hastings Pier in the early 1960’s.

Andre Martin… You are right Glynn when they changed their name to Shelly…. this week we have The HoneyCombs and the support from Brighton – Shelly – formerly known as The Sabres, who were about to embark on a future playing in Europe, and would become top names in both Denmark and Scandinavia within the next few years. This was to be one of the last appearance from the band in Hastings.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Keith Flanigan… Anyone know the names of the guys in the Eastbourne band the Sabres, back in the early 60s.

Alan Esdaile… you were asking about The Sabres line up. Pretty sure its the same line up as Shelley????

Ken Copsey… Love the Wem Watkins Dominator, matching Copicat and Burns Sonic guitar.

Keith Flanigan… 1963?