The Searchers, The Talisman, The Confederates – Hastings Pier 87


Pete Prescott….it was (i think) 87.i went to it.great full.people couldn’t get a drink.they did it again some months loads of bar staff in.a lot of people were drunk.not such a good night.not blaming drink it was how it was.Pete shaw and terry played with ray backing cliff Bennet.great singer.not sure if this is the poster for the 2nd one.

Peter Millington….Pete is right, this ticket is from the 1987 Big Beat Reunion party on the pier, the first of 3 similar events. This was the best and the other two that followed were good but the first is always the best. The other two were held October 22nd 1988 and May 6th 1989. The Talismen and the Confederates played at both, probably because we were cheap i.e. free! Wouldn’t have missed the evenings for the world and their success was due to the hard work of Lloyd Johnson and Chris Sayer. Let’s hope something similar can be organised for the re-opening of the Pier in ???? if someone’s up to the organisational challenge and of course if there’s a covered weather proof theatre in the new design????

Mick O’Dowd… Was there!

Stuart Moir… That was a lot of cash then but we was there

Lloyd Johnson… it was 1987 and this is a ticket for the first one. I put it on with the help of Chris Sayer, Henry Harvey, Noel D’Abo, Peter Millington,Terry Smith and Rod Holt who made the stage dressing. I had a dream about one last night on Hastings Pier like it was in the 60s.I mentioned it to Chris and Henry and they said let’s do it!…so I phoned Noel and he gave me the number of the booking agent for The Hollies and The Searchers.I wanted to do a double bill with supporting local groups from the 60s.The Hollies were unavailable. We book the Searchers once Chris had booked The Pier Ballroom. Peter Millington and Chris organised the local groups. Henry Harvey who was a postman at the time made sure promo handouts went through the right letter boxes all across the town.Tickets were sold at the record shops and The Pier box office and the rest is history! it sold out! it was such an emotional night for me and no doubt many others and all the profit went to Cancer Research….a great night!…there is a video of it.I think Peter Millington has a copy….


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