Memories of Chris Hutchinson by Stewart Rockett

Stewart Rockett… I’ve no idea why, but my thoughts this evening turned to my old chum, Chris Hutchinson, the ‘Mellow D Man’. The son of Leslie ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson, a famous (and infamous) cabaret singer and pianist, Chris was a consummate songster, whose portfolio ranged from jazz to pop, but was always easy listening. A true gent, who loved Hastings with a passion. Chris passed away in 2017, and I for one miss him greatly.

Earl Grey… Class Act

Perri Ann Haste… Lovely man with a beautiful mellow voice

Moya Wilson… A lovely man xx

Pauline Richards… Crikey. That long ago. It only seems more recent

Nick Bloomfield… I had the pleasure of meeting Chris and created a little playlist of him live in 2016. There is also a small documentary about a singing group he was directing. He was a lovely man and whilst he was not at the height of his powers he was still an excellent entertainer.

Wendy Belton… Chris was a lovely man and joined us as a member of Conquest Hospital Radio in 2013 and we felt privileged that he sang at our wedding in 2015. We miss you Chris. A beautiful voice.

Colin Gibson… Last time I saw him was at Pete Burden’s memorial. Both delightful men very much missed.

Jeff Belton… Chris was a really nice guy. always praised me doing my radio shows, and said I had a good ear to music. Also liked to have a laugh. Did a number of radio shows together, liked the same kind of music, and had a great singing voice. Really miss him.

Nick Bearkeeper Rowland… I have attended several of his gigs in the past. He was a great performer and a real gentleman.

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