The Plastix Hastings 77 punks photos by Kadir Ozenir and David Peacock

photos by Kadir Ozenir and David Peacock

John Gale… Huggy Leaver

Shaun Pont… He wasn’t the original vocalist. That was Mick Cook.

Jo Turner… yeah one pic is Huggy isnt it

John Gale… Jo, I actually think he’s in all but the first photo. I message him occasionally,,,,, i’ll ask him next time we speak.

Martyn Baker… White Dopes on Punk”?

Pete Prescott… I saw these on the pier. They were supporting Head On. Huggy was amazing ! All anyone talked about was him and the band.

Phil Thornton… Pete, yup I was there ! They set up on the dance floor ( not allowed on the stage ) a great night out !!

The amazing Fusion Orchestra about 50 years on!! (September 2021)

photos supplied by Jill Saward

Jill Saward… Wow Fusion Orchestra meet up after so many years! Colin Dawson Mick Sluman, Dave Bell !! Stan Land X

Alan Esdaile… Wonderful memories of the pier gigs.

Matt Thomas… Shakatak?

Tony Court-holmes… saw them on hastings pier when it saw a real pier not a bit of driftwood

Andy Qunta… What a brilliant band!

Dave Nattress… Nice one – great pier gigs! So long ago!

Plastix – 1977






cuttings supplied by The Teenbeats facebook page. Roxy review supplied by Chris van Rock

Huggy Leaver vocals, Mark Wilmshurst Bass, Nick Sayer Guitar, Mark Storr Hogins Drums

Pete Fairless….Some of that ‘Hastings Attitude’ I heard mentioned on the radio, yesterday?

Chris van Rock… My 1978 NME review of the ‘farewell to the Roxy’ LP signed by Bob Kyley ..lead singer of the best track ‘Vertigo’ by his band ‘Open Sore ‘ …. the best punk band at the time from Slough playing with the likes of the Adverts , UK Subs at the Roxy . The album was the last recording before the club was shut. The Roxy club is now a shop in convent garden , and Bob still a massive star in Slough fronting Electric Country band ‘The Company’ . He is and always will be a beautiful shining star

Alan Esdaile… Farewell to The Roxy LP with Huggy’s band The Plastix on. It sold a few copies locally.

Pete Fairless… Still got mine.

Chris van Rock… Great cuttings of The Plastix.

Pete Prescott… I saw this band on the pier supporting Head On. I thought they were brilliant ! Huggy was the dogs bollocks !


More Tea Vicar – Marina Pavilion – 27th July 1992

photos & cuttings Jonathan Middleton



poster supplied by Karen Sweatman 

Ian Ellis……Oh god! Just had to check thru calendars with mon 27 July on them. Nineteen Ninety Two!!

Karen Sweatman….We were young!

Jonathan Middleton… We were rock God’s (well, for one night maybe) that rocked the Marina Pavilion. With all the years that have gone by, I still can’t play the guitar!

The Strawbs – Hastings Pier 18th September 1976 & Stallion write up.

1891006_416363075175822_565048100_n-2 12002868_757886367690156_4627019185083542305_n strawbs-promo

supplied by Sarah Harvey

supplied by  Peter Houghton

Press ad source:

Jim Breeds…..Going to see Rick Wakeman this year

Clifford Rose…..This concert was 18/09/1976 and I still have my ticket. I was going to go but changed my mind and went to see Queen at the free Hyde Park concert instead. I did see Strawbs later when they performed at the White Rock with Lindisfarne 28/11/1993.

Yvonne Cleland…..That must have been a great gig.

Alan Esdaile…..still my favourite track, the b side of ‘Lay Down’ which they recorded under the name of’ Ciggy Barlust & The Whales from Venus’ called ‘Backside’.

Henry Mann….Went to this. Absolutely packed out. Not always the case with some pretty big bands.

Tony Davis… Have seen the Strawbs many times in Hastings and elsewhere. Last time was at the White Rock on the bill with the Carl Palmer Band and Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash last year. Next time will be at the Shepherds Bush Empire in December when they are the support act for Family. Looking forward to that double header!

John Wilde… Wahooo its me! As a young un I always wanted a band called Johnny Wild and the Tamers.

Phil Gill… Well, we didn’t win the Vitavox award, but the song we submitted was a live version of The Hard Life recorded at the Lyceum. It was however a good enough recording for it to end up as a bonus track on our 2007 album, The Hard Life.

Mark Gilham… Love the song Lay Down. Still sounds great!

Sheila Maile…  I liked them. I liked The Union Man.

Alan Esdaile… My favourite is the B side of Lay Down, Backside by Ciggy Barlust and The Whales From Venus. (The Strawbs).

Alex Chapman… I still know Chas Cronk (rhs at the back) and Brian Willoughby who joined them in the 80s is a friend of 40+ years. Great Band seen them many times right from the beginning.

Tony Davis… I’ve always really liked the Strawbs album Grave New World. Wasn’t really a lover of the Hudson Ford era such as Part of the Union.

Tony Court-holmes… i think i was there