The Plastix Hastings 77 punks photos by Kadir Ozenir and David Peacock

photos by Kadir Ozenir and David Peacock

John Gale… Huggy Leaver

Shaun Pont… He wasn’t the original vocalist. That was Mick Cook.

Jo Turner… yeah one pic is Huggy isnt it

John Gale… Jo, I actually think he’s in all but the first photo. I message him occasionally,,,,, i’ll ask him next time we speak.

Martyn Baker… White Dopes on Punk”?

Pete Prescott… I saw these on the pier. They were supporting Head On. Huggy was amazing ! All anyone talked about was him and the band.

Phil Thornton… Pete, yup I was there ! They set up on the dance floor ( not allowed on the stage ) a great night out !!

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