Factory – Hope & Anchor 1974


supplied by Roger Carey

Yvonne Cleland….I remember Tony’s tasselled waistcoat, but don’t remember him wearing nothing else

Steve Kinch….Friggin’ eck…! Gonna have to check these guys out

Pete Prescott….when i was on the london pub scene in the 70’p we used to hear about this amazing band that played jig a jig ! never saw them.wish i had.and to end up playing with them years later !

Michael Mepham……. Jig a Jig?

Andy Qunta….Wow! I’d love to play in a band like that!

Martyn Baker….This was inspiring stuff to the teenage me.

Phil Thornton….lamp post lil ?

Geoff Peckham….Hi Philip. I believe we went to the same sunday school! Yeah, Lampost Lil. I think Andy and Tone will remember that when we recorded it at Daltrey’s place, it set off a debate about our musical direction. The guys in the control room (Paul Waldron, our then manager, John Jansen and others) were shocked at the way Lil started gently and then went off ‘at a tangent’. They said we should be playing more ‘laid back’ music a la West Coast bands like Little Feat and the Eagles. We didn’t agree. That band in the picture doesn’t look as though they’re playing Tequilla Sunrise. I also remember, when recording Lil, getting on my knees to play the Hammond bass pedals. I’d love to hear it again if anyone has a copy.

Phil Thornton….Hi Geoff – ha ! sunday school ! – I havent heard lampost Lil since the Greyhound/King and Queen days !! – watching Factory was such a big inspiration !

who remembers wrapping your school books with brown paper?

photo source: unknown

Carol Ann Bolton… Spent hours choosing wallpaper scraps and covering my jotters.

Steve Thorpe… Yep, did that on the exercise books at school but wrote my name upside down so that when the teacher would think it was the right way up, it wasn’t – what a rebel!

Barry Newton… Kids still do it in France

Carol Paffett… Yes

Sandy Max… We had to use wipe clean wall paper or sticky back plastic. Brown paper wasn’t allowed! Still have my school French dictionary in it’s fetching seventies bathroom wall paper! Bit tatty nowadays….

Pete Prescott… My rough books !

Jane Cranfield… Yes i do until we were aloud to cover them with wallpaper lol

Roger Simmonds… Me!

Judy Atkinson… Used to use wallpaper from the sample books

Pete Prescott… Yep ! Done that !

Joe Knight… Yes

David Hookey… Yep

Janet Brophy… YES

Janet Large… yes

Dennis Torrance… Hated doing that brings back of the bloody books had to carry around all the time as well. Always tried to lighten it took books out and got in trouble if I forgot to put them in for lessons. Some of us used wallpaper scraps s as well for books either way the ended on the wall lol

Jake Nelson… I always hated that chore, although I must admit there was a certain sense of a job well done afterwards…..unless I did it poorly, in which case….

Pete Millington… Me, all my books were covered in brown paper. I still have many of them in perfect condition – annuals etc.