20 things your mum said to you…

source: Cov Bible

Martin Curcher… I still hear myself saying some of these to my kids! You wait until your Dad gets home and if you lie I will wash you’re mouth out with soap!

Clifford Rose… My mum never said #17.

Barry Hilton… Mostly number 13 and 18. I am hearing her voice in my head saying those things to me ;-( Number 15 was used a lot

Mike Guy… Get your elbows off the table! Finish the food in your mouth before you pick up any more. Wait until your father gets home!

Angela Jordan… I say it to mine plus a few more, close your mouth when your eating you look like a cement mixer, elbows off the table xx

Andy Qunta… All of the above!

Peter Checksfield… If you make that noise, I’ll give you something to make a noise for

John Warner… 21. I’ll kill you when I get hold of you! Standard words for all Mums!

Wendy Weaver… All of the above plus “You’ll be laughing on the other side of your face in a minute my girl” “, Dont come to me when it all goes wrong”, I was apparently “Born to be wild” and was “heading straight for Hell”!. If she gave me any freedom I would be “Racing the Streets”. I think zhe should have been a lyric writer. Do as I say not as I do – so annoying.

Paul Chapman… Lol. Every one of these.. and others

Arthur Sutherland…. Mum didn’t teach you much about grammar it should be “While you WERE growing up”

Alan Pepper… “Wait till your father gets in ! He’ll give you such a doughboy !  That’s a hiding Holligton style of course .

Arthur Sutherland… A doughboy in our family was what the english call a dumpling without crisping the top off.

Eric Harmer… My mum use to say. “ what’s your name again “ I was the youngest out of six

Carole Prescott… All of the above!!

Edward Adams… many times

Pete Prescott… Yep !

Ruby Cox… f you want something done, do it yourself….

Janette Marshall… Now I feel old I still say all of those lol

Stuart Moir… And more ha ha

Dave Weeks… Yes and the rest. She would normally ‘turn round and say’ though

Julian Carter… 21… And another thing…

Stewart Rockett… ‘back on my day’? What?

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  1. “Wait till your father gets in ! He’ll give you such a doughboy ! That’s a hiding Holligton style of course .


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