Caramel Crem – Croft Road Hastings around 1967/1968 photo Gerald Killick

photo © Gerald Killick

Tony Killick, Paul Snook, Bernard Jeffries and Stephen Moran

Shared from an article in Hastings Town magazine Oct/Nov 2021 where Tony May interviews Gerald Killick about growing up in Hastings in the 1960’s and 70’s. Very interesting article with many photos.

Alan Esdaile… Looking at the photo, not sure if its Caramel Crem or could it be Caramel Crew. The articles lists it as Caramel Cream.

Stephen Moran… Thank you for sharing Alan, I look forward to reading Gerald’s article. As you know we became the ‘The Mysterons’ around 1968 and when Tony moved to Manchester, Bernie and I played a bit around Hastings as a duo, just for fun really. They were happy times.


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