The Humperdinks – Regent Hotel – Any photos?


supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd…Played The Regent as Dj quite a few times. Saw bands there such as Group Therapy (with Robin Farrant of Farrant & Reid wholesalers), Circuit Four, The Humperdinks and others. Didn’t Alan Jensen do regular nights here when you couldn’t get to the bar for bodies and your beer was passed over a human chain so that when it arrived it was only half a pint! That’s rock’n’ roll! T’was a great venue.

Pete Millington… I was a regular there and on many occasions struggled to get a beer. No chance of getting P****d in those days with 10:30 or 11:00 closing time. The Talismen, Spyke, Unabridged Telephone Directory come to mind as groups you can add to your memory banks.

Nigel Ford… Why “Don’t forget your Rolling Stones LP”?

Andre Martin… The reference to the Stones LP must have been because this is April 64 and the Stones had released their first Album about this time, so AJ not wishing to miss the chance for a plug, added to the advert.

Lloyd Johnson… Has anyone got any photos of ‘The Humperdinks’ playing The Regent Club below The Regent Hotel in the 60s ?…it was towards St.Leonards on the seafront, Kenny Comfort, Lynn Grant, Melvyn Grant and Brian’Bonzo’ Redfern were the members of the group/band.I think they had a few write ups in the local press at the time…

John Gale… I remember the Regents Hotel, nice little venue about halfway between the pier and Warrior Gardens , my dad use to drum there in the 70s regularly, mainly as a duo with a keyboard player, I remember he had some good nights there.

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