Shakatak – Saturdays 15th October 1981 & Hastings Pier 22nd October 1982

shakatak copy


supplied by Roger Carey

Martin Richter… residency at saturdays in the early 80`s

Tim Bruce… Think it was 81 at Saturdays.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Jackie Rawe rented a house from a friend of mine locally, she performed at our rugby club a few years ago…great night!

Dave Hunt… Saw them on the pier in 82, awful! Worst concert I’ve ever been to

Gerry Fortsch… Bloody rip off, £3.50 at the door, those were the days.

Jan Warren… ……… the amazing Jill Saward

Savage Hearts – 1982 – stage, pier, rumours (the crypt)



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all photos supplied by Mick Mepham

Mick Mepham… (photo 1) Hurrah! Note: The girl’s eyes front left!!!  (photo 4)  Takes me back to when Rumours was a really good gig. Packed out, hot, dark, sweaty and that was just Steve’s underwear …..This is how we use to get into the dressing room, hence the expression “the place was a dive”…… — With Steve Farris, Andy Animal, Momo Sex, Mick Mepham…. ”Not at all staged …..”

Vicky Jones… I used to work at Rumours and have just dug out a poster we cobbled together of the band, with me behind the bar! my ex-hubby Nick Jones was arranging the bands for Rumours at the time..

Jamie Farris… This is very cool to see

Remembering King (Kingsley Trowell) by Peter Gladwish


supplied by Peter Gladwish

Peter Gladwish… Remembering King. 8 years since his passing. Still missing a good mate.

Alan Esdaile… This brings back some great memories of seeing King Rod.

Jon McCallion… Good memories of King Rod and Co at the 58 club then getting a lift back home in the blue bus that they had. Happy days.

Mick O’Dowd… King Rod & Co always seemed to be the band that were always there lurking in the background but never forgotten once seen.

Carol Arnold… yes great nights at 58 club with pie and lift back in bus!

Marianne Hay… My late husband used to be the DJ at the 58club when it changed to Pebbles and knew all of the local groups including King Rod well as he played when the groups went for their break his name was Henry Hay I am sure that there are a lot of people out there who remember him.

Graham Nunn… I knew him well. Lovely guy.

Robert Searle… Good ol King RIP

Stuart Moir… Brilliant profile, with that hair he always looked the part RIP my friend your sadly missed by all in the music business .

Margaret Trowell… Couldn’t agree more Stu xx A much loved brother, still sadly missed

Barry Newton… Great memories , great times and fun especially at 58 club and the trips home in the bus, happy days

Moody Blues St Leonards and Eastbourne 1960’s

supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… Signed Photo of Moody Blues given to me by the Moody Blues backstage at the Continental Club in Eastbourne ! My Favourite Band at that time! Saw them three times! Once at the continental club in Eastbourne and twice at the Witch Doctor

Ashley Davies… Still listen to on the threshold of a dream album which is 50 years old great band

John Busbridge… I even started to learn the flute at the time!

Alan Esdaile… Struggling to read this John. Does it say a date. Looks like birthday night

John Busbridge… 1st Birthday Night Friday 16th July 1965. Tickets 7/6

Chris Meachen… Got a lift off them once.. Budgie took me halfway to Coventry, then the Moodies let me ride with them from the services to somewhere near my destination..

Baz Cooper… Did they sign the photo and then say, “Go Now!” ???

Dave Nattress… Baz – now there’s a “Question”

Baz Cooper… Yes, isn’t life strange?! Lovely to see these old photos from days of future past! On a sadder note, it is just on 12 months ago that Ray Thomas died

Colin Norton… Why do we never get an answer? …..