A rare photo of Skip Bifferty

Photo Credit: © Gered Mankowitz. shared from Colin Gibson

Johnny Turnbull… A rare photo of Skip Bifferty. L-R: Mickey Gallagher, Tommy Jackman, Graham Bell, Johnny Turnbull, Colin Gibson. Classic.  Photo Credit: Gered Mankowitz

Julian Deeprose… Two Blockheads on board

Alan Esdaile… Great hair.

Alan Pepper… Wow ! Nice unusual photo. Gallagher and Turnbull Oi Oi  ? Thought those names rang a bell !

Stuart Moir… Macky Gallagher and Graham Bell sporting permed hair, Danny Beckett of the band Candy Choir used to do the same caught him a few times with his rollers in place .

Chris Barrett… That naughty boy Colin Gibson seems to have a police whistle on his jumper as well as the peaked cap. Was he undercover?

Phil Gill… Undernourished I’d say.

Chris Barrett… Phil, naughty boy. I’d have said elegant and noble but balanced it with slightly furtive

Jacqueline Marsh… Their hairdo was as good as mine use to be back in the day lol

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