Food Hall – Plummers (now Debenhams) Hastings 21st October 1965

who remembers the food hall in Plummers? Remember it well and the first taste of yogurt, which tasted disgusting!

Brigitte Lee… I remember it. In my mind it was under the stairs?

Alan Esdaile… Pretty sure it was in a step down at the back of the entrance floor.

Richard J Porter… My wife would go there with her mother. It was opposite her Father’s Greengrocers, Coopers.

Steve Martin… Worked there early 70’s. It was Debenhams by then. Bonita’s on a Friday night after being paid my wages for the week. £4.50 tops. Good times with the football team on a Sunday. Alan, Simon etc.

Coco Pops… Remember the Wine Shop???

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