The Redcoats – Ore Social Club 1962


Supplied by Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

with Marjorie ?, Tony Jefferies, Colin Tapp, Barry Goodall and Peter Bailey

Martin Waghorne… Barry Goodall enjoying retirement now. I hear he’s still playing a bit with his brother Keith Goodall around the old town. I worked with Barry.

Len Smith… Was it Brian on drums with Redcoats or Tony Jefferies?

Lloyd Johnson… Colin ‘Sid’ Tapp lived in my road…I made a guitar when I was a kid, tried to copy the Everly Brothers guitars, it was black with white binding.When it was built I painted it black and then varnished it…the vanished reacted with the paint and it ended up crackle finish…I sold it to Colin later .He told me it was his first guitar when we met up a year of so back….Barry Goodall and Pete Bailey and his twin brother were in my class at Priory road….

Pete Millington… I seem to remember Pete Bailey’s brother was the drummer of the Redcoats at some time around 1961/2 So long ago so I may be wrong

Lloyd Johnson… His name was Derek Bailey…I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember his name …Tex Bailey their dad taught a lot of kids how to play the guitar…nice man!

Harry Randall… I’m wondering if that’s the Pete Bailey I knew in the sixties he is still around and a mate of John Petrie


More dj’s that appeared at Lazybones Hastings. in the 70’s

all supplied by Linda Boiling

Linda Boiling… first photo is Peter Boiling (Peter Craig) he was sometimes known as but he was Demon Disco who he ran with Nick (Sbyke) Biker. The second photo is of Mick Oxbury (in the pink shirt) can’t remember his stage name and ? and was taken at Derritron which used to be on the site before Sainsburys was built.

Julian Deeprose… Pretty sure the other guy in the pic is John Austin. Used to play Bar Billiards with him in The Bulverhythe

Linda Boiling… just found out from Micks partner in crime Jim Hobbs (James Casner) that Micks stage name was Mick Damon.

Claire Triance… Remember Lazybones used to have a go go dancer 76 77 was underage but we got in ok

Jane Hartley… Mick and I were always asked if we were brother and sister, in the end we used to say we were!

Kevin Burchett… Mick Damon had a spell in Scalliwags to

Linda Boiling… Peter also did a few gigs at Scalliwags too



The Hollywood Killers – Lazybones Disco Hastings 28th October 1976

Phil Gill… I was there. The only time I got thrown out of a club and barred. There was an altercation, I tried to stop it and got thrown out. To be fair, my behaviour hadn’t been exactly perfect on other Thursday nights in the club, so it it was probably karma.

Terry Pack… There’s a slight chance that I was on this gig. I left the band at exactly this time.

Battle Of Hastings 1964 – 2002 Exhibition – Hastings Museum with Adam Faith by Andrew Clifton

Andrew Clifton….Not to be confused with that historic ‘quarell’ of 1066….The Battle of Hastings 1964, when Mods & Rockers clashed on the streets of Hastings and other seaside towns during the Bank Holidays of that eventful year, was commemorated in 2002 with an exhibition at Hastings museum in Cambridge Road, where they now have a retrospective collection dedicated to those events

Colin Norton….This is great! Thanks for posting.

and in 2007…


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andy Gunton… I remember this well. I was asked to provide the background music for the exhibition, not the music played on the video by the way. I didn’t realise it was this long ago! RIP Adam Faith, nice guy 🙂