What’s your favourite horror film of all time?

The UK’s Official Top 40 best selling horror films of all time 2018…


Matt Thomas… The Exorcist, simply because it disturbed me after watching it at such a young age

Wendy Weaver… Never Take Sweets from a Stranger – not meant to be a horror but very frighteniong and, at the present time, very topical.

Roman May… The evil dead scared the hell out of me when i first saw it.

Karen Sweatman… The Changeling starring George C Scott – makes the hairs on my arms stand up just thinking about one particular scene.

Alan Esdaile… American Werewolf In London is probably my favourite.

Terry Corder… Straw Dogs.

No Home Jerome… Donald Trumps Inauguration!

Harry Randall… Bill and Ben!

Karen Sweatman… The Changeling (1980)


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