Tich Turner’s Roaring 80’s photo 1978

Martyn Baker… Left to right….. Andy (Dimarzio) Smith – Guitar, Tich Turner – Vocal, Kevin Hoad – Drums, Wesley Magoogan – Saxes & Backing Vocal, Keff McCulloch  Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocal, Martyn Baker Bass Guitar.

Keff McCulloch… We never did find out what happened to Andy, did we?

Glenn Piper… Last group I roadied for, lovely lads

Martyn Baker… Glenn, Yourself and Little Dave (Kenwood) were absolutely amazing!

Jacquie Hinves…My beautiful Kevin. Wesley, Martyn, Keff,Andy and of course Tich. Just before I started my Nurse training. I miss those days . Xxx

Andy Qunta… Great band!

Pete Prescott… Yeah ! A great band !

Amanda Hilton… I loved that band

Tracy Birrell… This takes me back. I went out with Tich Turner.

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