Who remembers the BMW 300 Isetta asks Tony Howard?

photos supplied by Tony Howard

John Gale… Spotted this parked up in Hastings week

Alan Esdaile… Reminds me when we used to travel in Paul Wiseman’s bubble car. 3 of us in the car, group gear and microphones sticking out the roof!

Andy Clarke… A friend of my dads up Priory Avenue had one when I was a kid. Loved it.

Willie Wicking… Have a windscreen for one of those 😊my dad used to own 1

Merv Kennard… They had the escape hatch in the roof. Just in case the door jammed.

Jon McCallion… Owned one myself in the late 60s. Great little car.

Dave Nattress… Certainly remember them and I seem to think they were not so uncommon that you stared at them or thought them so unusual.

Iain Cobby… Remember Jon McCallion having one! I have a slide of it somewhere outside my parents house in St Leonards

Tracy Birrell… I remember this car.

Roger Simmonds… Me I had one !

Pete Prescott… I remember our neighbour had one. I would love to drive one.


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