Rumples – Queens Road Hastings 1981

Dave Nattress… Funny I don’t really remember Rumples – living in Bexhill albeit I was still a very frequent visitor to Hastings for various reasons – band practice and gigs and shopping – well Bexhill didn’t do a lot of any of these things, and weekends usually along George Street in pursuit of the club-life, females and alcohol. But, years before there was a restaurant called “Leadbelly” in Brighton just about opposite the Theatre Royal round from the Dome, which was a American themed hamburger restaurant doing fabulous burgers. First time I ever had coleslaw, Strawberry Cheesecake and Mississipi Mud Pie deserts also. Then another called Rumbleberry (I think) in seaside Road, Eastbourne, same sort of menu but no alcohol license originally. This would be early 1970’s. All these places put a new dimension on burgers and then perhpas started the demise of The Wimpey Bars and then I learned about McD’s and Burger King and Wendy’s. Still eating burgers but the addiction to McD’s is under control – rehab at The Priory has helped!


My 1:12 Scale Miniature Record Shop by Dan Large

© Dan Large

Dan Large… My 1:12 Scale Miniature Record Shop is now finished. A very enjoyable project and took about a year to do.

Mark Rodrigues… Very cool Dan.

Mike Guy… Love It Dan. superb work. Looking forward to your mini nuclear power station & the hotel from The Shining.

Bookham Ally… Send a pic to Danny Baker. He’s on Twitter

Alan Esdaile… Love that you got the Stallion sleeve on display

Tony Davis… That looks awesome!

Carole Prescott… Absolutely amazing. Love it.x

John Mcewen… That’s pretty amazing!!

Elaine Stock… Amazing.

Perri Ann Haste… That is fantastic!

Phil Gill… That’s fabulous Dan. Thank you so much for including our Stallion album in your shop, we’re honoured.

Dan Large… Many thanks Phil and no worries at all… my pleasure. Thank you for all your lovely comments everyone

Paul Cullen… Brilliant, well done

Alan Pepper… That’s impressive. Love the details especially the Seeburg . Wonder what’s A1 on that jukebox ! Just need a box of 45s in the corner.

Dave Nattress… That is a fabulous piece of art. Deserves national coverage!!

Kev Towner… OMG – that is SO cool!!

Andy Ives… Brilliant


Heavy Metal Kids – Hastings Pier 29th Nov 1975 & Saturdays 6 nights a week




cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Dave Nattress… As a lifelong Free fan I read I’m sure that one of their early managers or associates suggested the name “The Heavy Metal Kids” but they rejected it and went for “Free”. However, the name did then then get used eventually!!  Also, am I right did Gary Holton turn up in Al Weidersein?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Dave spot on, he was in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

Peter Fairless…  They were a very different band (photo in 1977), mind! Yes, Gary Holton was as much an actor as a singer. He went on to play Wayne in Auf Wiedersehen Pet. Here is one of my all time favourite video clips, from The Tube, filmed in Newcastle in 1984. …and, yes, that’s Leslie Ash!

Jim Breeds… I remember the excitement of going to Saturday’s the first time. Probably that week of opening. We’d not seen anything like it outside of London. And at last we were not going to have to make any more trips to Sundowners in Eastbourne.  Gary Holton, later to be cast as Wayne in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. RIP.

Martin Richter… Keith Hardy – there`s a name I haven`t heard for years!

Clifford Rose… Excellent concert.

Dave Weeks… Frupp! Remember them too. Proper prog.