who remembers winning a goldfish at the fair?

source and photo: unknown

Dennis Torrance… Yes and carrying home not easy lol .

Tim Moose Bruce… And no cooking instructions

Mike Guy… Tim, sushi

Mike Waghorne… And the gold fish died after a few days ! Poisend by the chlorine in the tap water ! Having now kept water & koi for 30 odd years I now know why they died! We never knew as kids why !

Martin Stringer… Aged 12 I used to work on one of these stalls on Hampstead Heath (The Spaniards)

John Warner… Bloody things died after about 4 days.

Mike Waghorne… John, tap water was the cause !

John Warner… The rag and bone man used to give kids gold fish in exchange for clothes. Many a man has had to chase the van to get his best suit back!

Karen Sweatman… The two we won lasted far longer than ones we got in pet shop! They were called Fish and Chips

Paul Coleman… You sure it didn’t die ‘cos of the jam jar you kept it in??

Dave Weeks… Yeah they didn’t cook up that well though

Paul Coleman… Mike. If you’ve kept water for 30 years AND its got koi in it…..I wouldn’t want a cuppa tea at ur house! Lol.

Tracy Birrell… Me!

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