Arise Sir Tommy Steele

shared from British Music Hall Society

Flash! Bang! Wallop! Tommy Steele received his knighthood today at Windsor Castle from HRH Anne, Princess Royal.

Clare Bennett… Well he was part of my Childhood

Heather Sidery… Great Stuff!!! Part of my childhood

Margaret Trowell… Not before time…what took them so long?

Jacquie Hinves…And about time too. A wonderful entertainer sadly unlike the so called idiots who think they are the comedians of today.

Kim Huckridge… Blimey, not before time!

Pete Brazier… Why so long a wait? Better late than never I supose! A great man and a Legend in his own lifetime!

Jane Deane… “Once upon a time there was a little white bull”… Wonderful entertainer from my childhood, talent now recognised.

Mick Turner… Watched the film “Tommy Steele Story,” three times when I was just a teenager.

Helen Kingshott… About time to,far to long , Your Mum and Dad (Darbo) would be oh so proud , Good friend of Sandra your late sister

Lyn Humphrey… I think his version of ‘Singing the Blues’, was the first pop song I ever heard! And ‘Little White Bull’ was one of the first songs I ever liked.

Paul Coleman… Little white bull. 1st record i ever bought – for my older brother. Lovely man is Tommy. Always smiling.

Andrew Clifton… About time. Tommy got what he deserves. All these other non entertainers Always got there first.

Jennie Lathwell… It has taken far to long for Tommy to be given this

Clive Garrard… A lovely man as well, my friend interviewed him on his radio programme, he said he was “Charming”

Lynn Praid… So well deserved x


The last paper copy of Friday Ad (3rd Dec 2021) is out today and all future issues will be online.

Remember the Friday Ad shops we had in Hastings?

Leigh Mitchell… Dean, better get a copy for posterity

Dean Mitchell… oh no !! Sad day

Alan Esdaile… I remember when they were advertising Russ Conway’s piano for sale. It was advertised for about 4 years!

Monica Bane… Sorry to hear about this, as I do not do online!

Fred Marsh… My partners devastated

Jan Warren… Yeah…. R.I.P. Friday Ad 🙁 xx