Skiffle with Henry Harvey

supplied by Lloyd Johnson

Lloyd Johnson… My mate Henry Harvey on the right with his guitar…I just had to post this because it’s such a rare look at ‘The Skiffle’ period…Tea Chess Bass and all!…Henry went on to form ‘The Taliamen’ with Chris Sayer …THE BEST BAND IN HASTINGS!!!! the early 60s….HENRY WAS A LOCAL LEG-END!…

Alan Esdaile… Does anyone know who the other person is in the photo?

Yvonne Hardman… Wonderful picture

Geoff Peckham… Smashing picture!

Peter Millington… Great photo Lloyd – he certainly was a character never to be seen again and much missed. Henry in later life…

Lloyd Johnson… Very SMART but he looks like a cricket commentator but unfortunately they ruined the cricket ground….Henry was great!…

Dennis Torrance… Saw Henry Harvey in the Royal Standard old town on some Sunday afternoons singing with local bands that played, such a nice guy good always had time for everyone and what a voice .

Peter Millington… I played with The Scratchers and he always stole the show RIP old mate

Dennis Torrance… nice comments Peter great memories of him, he always s raised the roof at the Standard happy days there. RIP Henry greatly missed.

Russell Field… Loved Henry Harvey

Donna Torrance… Loved Henry, he used to take the Mike at the standard and sing put on your high heel sneaker’s, he had the voice and the aura, brill guy xxx Legend!

Lloyd Johnson… LEG-END as Henry would say!

Colin Fox… I used to see the Talismen when they were a trio at the Pier Hotel Eastbourne. Chris Sayer on guitar and Henry with his violin bass, with a rope instead of a guitar strap. Great band.

Lloyd Johnson… Peter Jones was the drummer in The Talismen back then….

Peter Jones… that’s right Lloyd, but I also don’t know who the chap on the left is. not to certain about Henry, as I’ve only seen Henry & Chris from the back. ( drummers viewpoint ),!

Stuart Moir… They were the first band I watched at the Regent Hotel basement, great band with Pete’ Jones on drums, I remember watching his kick drum head it was so loose it flapped backwards and forwards, they also had a guy on keys who was only in the band as he had a van to kart all the gear around, I think his knickname was Budge, if I remember he was a hairdresser in a Queens road business, Henry changed to Bass guitar for that band.



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