What time is it?

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John Gale… There still is I think. 123

Mark Rodrigues… And a number to hear pop tunes.

Amanda Russell… Pop tunes….dial a disc it was awsome

Wendy Weaver… And one to speak to Father Christmas

Angela Gardner… At the third stroke the time sponsored by Accurist will be 11.35 precisely!

Andy Coleman… And one to find out Cricket scores, which also gave you updates on the GB Rally, think it was 16

Pete Prescott… At the 3rd stroke.

Deanne Romans… Still is

Teresa Goacher… Those were the days….x x

Tracy Goodheart… Who used to phone the operator and ask to speak to Buzby?

Samantha Blake… Tracy, i did. Lol

Henry Harvey & Chris Sayer guesting with The Scratchers in 2007 and Pete & Henry.


supplied by Peter Millington – Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

Yvonne Cleland…. Aw, lovely Chris x

Patricia Landamore… Henry Harvey= LEGEND & Chris, wonderful ,happy , magic, days

Darren Holmes… Good Old Horse!

Dennis Torrance… What a smashing guy Henry Harvey was remember him singing in the royal std pub with various bands asked to sing with them great guy fond memories

Peter Millington… Me and very good long term friend – Henry Harvey gigging at the Royal Standard – with the help of a small libation!

Carol Arnold… Walking the dog!

Peter Millington… My Babe, Talking ’bout You, Rock and Roll Music – Brilliant stuff!

Bobby Posner… So many good memories of Chris and Henry.. If they appeared at any gig all the bands would ask them straight away “come and do some songs” and they did and it rocked.. Played with Chris many times with Grundy.

Janine Anne Scott… That was a great day xxx

Mike Raxworthy…Nice to see that picture – Chris, Henry and Paul in the background… All sadly gone and so missed! I reckon we ought to start a ‘Hastings Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!!

Pete Prescott… I was at that gig. All missed

Stephen Murphy… I was there & my Dad was playing bass

Sandie Carlyon… Lovely man Henry.

Stuart Moir… That was the Standard brilliant when George had it, not the same now .

Dennis Torrance… Standard was great when George Beryl had The Standard, always a warm welcome every time I walked in, not forgetting the wonderful bar staff to. Happy memories