Two Terry’s in the studio – Terry Kane and Terry James

photo supplied by Mo Elms

Clive Garrard… What year was that? Was it Arrow FM 1998 to 2001?

Terry Kane… The photo is from late June 1993. The station was Splash FM. Terry James ran a very successful ‘Request Show’ and the phones didn’t stop.

Linda Boiling… Hi Terry Kane ,hope you are keeping well, not seen you for a while, I’m Linda, May’s daughter, remember the beans on toast and the cakes? She was your no 1 fan. x

Clive Garrard… Hope you have a happy Christmas Terry. I gave you a demo tape for that Broadcast. I did not know you then, but, bumped into you where ESK is now.

Alan Pepper… Two of the smoothest voices to have ever graced our airwaves over the years. Thanks Mo !

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