Pete Prescott – The Lost Boys – The Carlisle 1990/91?


Stuart Moir….Bet u can’t do that now Pete’ ..

Pete Prescott… if i did that now the earth would shake ! that was at the carlisle around 90/91. It’s our very last gig on dec 21st at the Carlisle where it all started, sad. God I wish I could do that now ! I’d need a crane and medical staff involved!

Mark Mackenzie… me too

Michale Wilson… Great times and great gigs at the Carlisle

Shaun Cramp… Got a sneaking suspicion that you where playing jump lol , good days

Janet Rennie… Wow. Lift off

Peter Houghton… That’s pretty cool

Chris Cozens… Was the mic stand suddenly ‘live’?

Stuart Moir… Age catches up with us all Pete’

Pete Prescott… Lost Boys live at the Black Horse Festival YouTube

Willie Wicking… Great Memories so so good

Gary Thomas… I used to watch them at the James Burton pub, down the stairs “Walk like an Egyptian”


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