The Sweet – Hastings Pier 31st Dec 1971




supplied by  Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Chris Giles….Saw Sweet at the Aquarius was surprised and quite pleased that they did a lot of rock numbers

Alan Esdaile….I also saw them at the Aquarius Chris and we were packed in like sardines. They always did some good rock ‘b’ sides, one of the best was ‘done me wrong alright’.

Mick Mepham….Sweet were always a rock band first and a pop band second.

Karen Sweatman was Blackman… Saw a band called the Wandering Crutchlees down the Crypt in the early nineties. Two ex members of Sweet. At the end of the gig, they called out to the audience for requests. Don’t think they were expecting me to shout out ‘Poppa Joe’ and they fell about laughing. They decided to do Ballroom Blitz instead!

Kev Towner… I was a big Sweet fan – but I was only 9 in 1971!! I’ve still got the vast majority of The Sweet’s singles on vinyl. The albums seem more difficult to track down.

Karen Sweatman was Blackman… Beat you. I was only 1! But I’m sure I was dribbling along with the best of them. I also saw The Sweet with Mud at the White Rock a few years ago. Half the audience were obviously reliving their teenage years and the other half were about my age (early twenties at the time) seeing what we had missed. Great party night.

Jane Hartley… I saw them at the Aquarius!

Nicola Dobson… I  was 17!

Matt Thomas… I was working behind the bar at The White Rock when they appeared around 1989/90 sadly they had all seen better days lol

Jeff Chuzz Balcombe… wasn’t a good turnout only a handful of peps & they wasn’t that good.

Tim Elms… I saw Sweet at the Aquarius the week they went to no 1 with Blockbuster, fantastic night. I worked there behind the bar but this was a night off. Much of their set was rock although I suspect many in the the audience where there for the pop. I seem to remember they finished on Blockbuster, the house went wild. The manager told me he enquired about re-booking Sweet but they were now way too expensive for a small venue. The group asked for a six foot safety area between the stage and the audience but were persuaded it was not necessary in sleepy Hastings. Instead, a large friendly doorman (can’t remember his name) stood centre front of the stage watching the crowd. A weird image that has stayed with me!

Andre Martin… OMG another good night on the Pier – playing to 2.00am !!!!!

Jan Warren… Loved The Sweet. I remember most of their “b-sides” of the singles were good rock music!! They “cleverly” put out the pop music to get in the charts, but us rock fans always listened to the b-sides ……… just listening to a SWEET cd now and I remember “Burning” was one of my fave b-sides, yeeee Haaa!!!

Janet Cruttenden… I went to see them recently at del la warr bexhil

Sue Goddard…me too, what a great night.

Climax Blues Band and Montserrat by Bill Third

all photos © Bill Third

Colin Cooper on lead vocals & sax,  Pete Haycock on Fender Telecaster, and Derek Holt, who co-wrote the book, John Cuffley drummer, obscured by cymbal. Windswept Bill Third shows the front cover. Publisher Robert Forsyth, right, shows double page spread of my pictures of Climax Blues Band in ‘Shining On 1977-1982’ the second volume of his illustrated history of the band.

Bill Third… One thing leads to another … In 2016 Alan Esdaile kindly invited me to choose my top 12 tunes from the 60’s and 70’s for his Johnny Mason show on HCR Hastings Conquest Hospital and local radio station. To give him some background info, I sent copies of articles I’d written for trade publications like ‘‘Studio Sound’, including the first story to be filed on George Martin’s Air Studios in Montserrat in 1979. This included photos of Climax Blues Band, the first artists to record there, who were also the first to record at Air Studios in Oxford Street. Co-incidence? Serendipity? So many things happen by chance.

Alan Esdaile remembered these photos when he was contacted in 2020 by Robert Forsyth, a publisher who loves the Blues in general and is a devotee of Climax Blues Band in particular. He was preparing the first volume of an illustrated history of the band and was already looking for photographs of them performing for the second volume ‘Shining On’ covering the period 1977-1982. Being the obliging fellow he is, Alan kindly put me in touch with Robert and we met up in Hastings in November 2020. We got on well and I was happy for him to use my pictures for this publication, as was Richard the friend in Montserrat, who had also taken pictures at the studio and of the band.

In November this year I heard from Robert Forsyth that ‘Shining On’ was ready and we met on Monday 19th Dec.  at Warrior Square station for him to hand over my copy in the shelter of the Rye Bakery. I was very pleased with the results, particularly the three-page display he’d made of my photos of Climax’s charity gig in the Paragon Club in the capital Plymouth, to help raise money for a local girl who needed an operation.

Robert, who has links to Hastings via ‘Hastings Rock’’, where he has DJd, is a thoughtful man and on page IX of the book he devotes a section to my song ‘Dancing Blind’, the background and the fund-raising effort for the RNIB, via as well as pledging a small percentage from the sale of each copy of the book equally to Dancing Blind and Music Against Cancer.

I was pleased to be able to help Robert out, and to recall the wonderful time and interesting people my wife and I had met on Montserrat. My story for ‘Studio Sound’ proved to be the first of many for their ‘Studio Diary’ pages.


Remember Christmas like this and watching The Queen’s speech?

John Wilde… Yep, 1950s London.

Dennis Torrance… How much it’s changed now

Sheila Maile… Yes in the 60/70s

Dave Nattress… I guess so. Really nice picture actually, but am I right, are more of the eyes focussed on the fire than the TV?

Tracy Birrell… This looks like a snapshot of my childhood.

Marilyn Spence… Sure do!

Do you remember getting your feet measured with one of these?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Used one of those in the shoe department in Plummer Roddis in 1971!

Alan Esdaile… Remember Hall’s shoe shop in Robertson Street,(where my mum worked), used to always measure your feet as a kid.

Pete Prescott… Yes I remember these. Clarks used them.

Paul Morfey… Yes I remember Halls as a kid, and being measured with one of those, and they had a machine to Xray your feet!

Dave Nattress… Yes definitely recall Halls and Clarks measuring feet for shoes, something my mum never used to skimp on was good quality shoes. Used to come over from Bexhill. But, this reminds me of a large clothing shop called Dengates on the corner of Cambridge Gardens and Bohemia Road where a lot of my clobber came from until early teens all the kit including school clothes and casual and shoes and I recall they supplied Carhartts “Huskies” Blue jeans sort of like Levi 501’s but a poorer man’s version! Fine as they were bought for me and then I discovered “Dickies” and then 501’s from Peter Jackson in Bexhill with my own paper-round money. £3.2/6 and desert boots and some brown boots called fell boots. My first Black winkle-pickers came from Dengates and then the style was chisel toes was it? Looked up Carhartts “Huskies” recently they still appear to be available in the USA and the UK even! Dengates seemed like a huge store back then, 2/3 levels.

Edgar Broughton & Rita – Hastings Pier – Martin Casson Entertainments 28th Dec 1974



Ad Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection, photo of Edgar Broughton by Clive Richardson

Joe Knight….what happened to steve maxted ? use to go to catford DESMOND DEKOR!!! lots of great bands

Andre Martin….Joe – Steve Maxted still going strong well into the late 1970s. – Above is an advert from 1974. I have some later images waiting to be uploaded and indexed.

John Storer… Apropos of not much, my late Mum absolutely loved Edgar Broughton’s “Apache Dropout”. Remember seeing Barclay James Harvest and thought Hudson/Ford were actually much better than I was expecting

Mick Mepham….Hurrrraahhhhh! I hadn’t got this flier – have now yippeeeee!

Jim Breeds….Lindisfarne, BJH, Hudson/Ford. Wow, I missed some stuff I should have seen

Jenny Tyler… I loved Steve Maxted.

Phil Gill…  I was there for the New Year gig. The bouncers stopped the Stallion set at 11:45 and threw everyone out. They were really shitty about it too. Presumably they wanted to go drinking…

Mick Mepham… I remember introducing Hudson/Ford and making a total twat of myself doing so ….. blusho ……

Yvonne Cleland…. You were nowt but a lad, MM 🙂

Mick Knights… Edgar Broughton.. The question has always been, should he have allowed the demons in in the first place!!

Alan Esdaile… Not much hope for the Apaches as well, Mick. Steve Broughton now a Hastings resident.

Glenn Piper… Oh the memories

Tony Court-holmes… god i remember edgar broughton gig out demons out




Who remembers money canisters in shops?


Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure they used to do this in Wards?

Matt Thomas…  I used to put them up the chute at Tesco on my till lift rounds

Arthur Sutherland… enners in Edinburgh, you should have seen the cashiers end, like som huge pipe organ without the keyboards.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… They had these when I worked at Plummer Roddis, Hastings in 1971!

Jim Breeds… I don’t remember it in Wards, but maybe. I know I was fascinated by one shop that had the vacuum tube system. I think it was Mastins? If you want to see the modern equivalent visit Specsavers in Queens Road

Ian Quinnell… Mastins and also Plummers before it became Debenhams

Fiona Evans… Plummers used a similar system,I believe.

Josie Lawson… Yes I worked there

Keith Cowper… Me Mastins Hastings

Sandie Carlyon… Yes they did

Josie Lawson…  Definitely. I worked in Plummer Roddis Ltd now Debenhams. I also worked in the office and did what was called sanctions. I dealt with them on occasion

Roy Penfold… Sill in use in some supermarkets. Looks like drain plumbing running up from the till areas.

Dave Nattress… Yes, when I was very young my ma used to go into a large – well seemed large to me at the time, drapers shop (I think it was), in Sackville Road, Bexhill and they used this type of device. In fact, I think it was probably a vacuum type device.  Seem to recall now whooshing sound as containers went up and across under the ceiling. I don’t think I’ve made any of this up!!

Nigel Ford… Bobby’s in Eastbourne had that system.

Sid Saunders… Mastins in Hastings where Iceland is now had it.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Sainsburys in the 1980s when it was where ESK is now, also used them

Pauline Richards… Mastins!!

Huw Gruffydd… Me.

Linda Day… Upstairs in Trueform’s, I worked there from leaving school

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… I remember that…brings a smile!

Monica Bane… Ah, yes remember at Philpots. In the 1950 fifths!

Julie Findlay-Jones… Some Tescos use them

Matt Thomas… I do when I was working at Tesco late 80s, helping the supervisors do the till lifts and having to send these to the cash office via the vacuum chutes

Chris Dullard… Yep

Lloyd Johnson… I Love those systems…didn’t Jepson’s have one..the last time I saw one was in the late 60s in Pontins Department store on High Street Kensington in West London.


How old were you, when you brought your first drink in the pub?

photo © Malcolm McDonald

Malcolm McDonald… Me and two mates in The Anchor pub after a Saturday job in The Neptune Cafe.I walked up to the bar and said 3 halves of larger and when I said,and 3 packets of Ox crisps,my voice went all” high” out of nervousness but got served aged…..14.

Carol Acott… 15

Pete Prescott… 16

Ian Johnson… 11

Sue Young… Wow, you must have looked mature for your age!

Alan Esdaile… Probably 14 but could have been 13. Otherwise it was cheap scrumpy cider from the off licence.

Billy Hammill… 14

Iris Feighan… Life was good then

Sue Young… 14. – ‘vodka and lime with lots of lime, please’ (hated the taste!) At weekly village hall disco – downstairs bar. Landlord knew a lot of us were underage but on the odd occasion police turned up, the upstairs bouncer would bellow out a warning and we would all scarper up the back stairs.

Graham White… 5

Stephen Milner… 16

Judy Atkinson… Probably 14, remember going to Bonitas (nightclub under Queens Hotel) aged 15. Babycham perhaps

Ann Hogg… 14 – cider!

Martin Waghorne… 16

Margaret Trowell… 15, my first boyfriend bought me a gin and orange…only because my mum drank it at Christmas and I didn’t know what else to ask for…it was horrible🤢. And, as a by the by, it was in The Princes pub (now Pisarros), Hastings where 7 years later I met my husband and last week we celebrated 43 years together!

Steve Thorpe… A pint of Watneys Red Barrel in the Silverhill Tavern when I was the ripe old age of 14.

Dennis Torrance… 16 old town pub a secret lol

Paul Crimin… 16

Janet Rennie… 15. Vodka and lime . Saw Kilburn and the Highroads at the Gransary. South Harrow

Donna Torrance… That picture is how I remember pubs in the 70’s, no fancy food menus. Instead the fish man would come in selling prawns, mussels etc, after a few drinks you would eat them lol, health and safety? Noooo

Liane Carroll… 13

Colin Bell… 14, before going to see an ‘X’ film rated for over 16’s then, no prizes for guessing the film was at The Orion!

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