who remembers Tandy Queens Road Hastings?

Alan Roberts… Yep, I do

Richard Honey… Definitely I bought batteries from them for my metal detector

Merv Kennard… Bought all sorts of things from them.

Roger Simmonds… Yep good shop missed it when it closed.

Daryl Perkins… Remember getting my first calculator from here…ready to start secondary school!!

Alan Wood… Yep, used to walk in and be amazed at some of the things for sale

Ian Johnson… Yep bought my first multi meter there

Mike Waghorne… Yes often bought components from there !

Mick O’Dowd… I virtually built my first disco decks with bits from here. A very handy shop indeed!

Dave Nattress… Interesting range of stuff in Tandy always well worth a look when shopping from Bexhill. A lot of cheaper “Hi-fi” and band gear, speakers, TV/video cables, connectors, all sorts of electrical stuff and then gadgets and toys – in fact all sorts of stuff.

Tim Moose Bruce… Handy store if into electronics. Still got a pair of PZM microphones which have been useful for recording. Another great shop was the electronic shop of the Trading Post in Castle Street. Built my first hifi system with kits from this shop. The other one that did kits was a market stall in George Street market.

Ian Quinnell… Bought loads of electronic components and other hardware from there. Wasn’t always cheaper than Radio Spares, but a lot more convenient.

A Band Of Angels – Hastings Collage 30th October 1964 by Andre Martin


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… As its Halloween at the moment, if we think back – this is about the college, here is something that I know will be of interest to many, On Friday evening 30th October 1964, in the old Gymnasium at the College in Archery Road, we held our Halloween Dance – Top of the Bill, A Band of Angels, featuring Mike d’Abo and the supporting band whose name slips my memory for the moment, bass guitar one Noel d’Abo [ student and well known member of the college]. We do not have any press adverts for this, but I have found the following press cutting from the local Observer, about a visit made by the group to AJs show in Queens Road. I am sorry the photo is very dark, but Mike can just be seen in the back row.

Black Horse Folk Club Festival Weekend September 1979

Nadia Compagnone… Bit too young to remember this event, but lived almost next door to the Black Horse. Great memories and can even remember the phone number!!

Mike Waghorne… I could of well have been there around that time often went there on a saturday night in the early & late 70’s

Chris Pook… I used to work behind the bar in the folk club around that time. Got £6 for a 6 till 2am closing time and then had to collect, wash and dry all the glasses! Eddie was a great guy to work for though.

Alan Wood… Ahh the good old days !!

Zzebra & Highway – Hastings Pier 29th June 1974





poster supplied by Mick Mepham. Cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey.

Autographed poster supplied by Peter Houghton

Gary Kinch…..Saw them at Reading in 75 and probably saw them on the pier but like so many of those gigs, I really don’t remember.

Yvonne Cleland….I think I went to see these at the Marquee.

Sarah Harvey… June 29th, 1974. Zzebra with Highway supporting. Following on from my previous Auf Wiedersehen themed post….on July 8th (my birthday 🙂 )the same year, Gary Holton with The Heavy Metal Kids.

Paul Owen… The Heavy Metal Kids were amazing, poor poor Gary Holton, I loved his voice, even as Wayne in Auf Wiedersehen Pet


Snafu plus Krazy Kat – Hastings Pier 28th Feb 1976

1976 28th feb snafuimg215 snafu

Terry Pack…  I would have been a member of The Hollywood Killers in Feb 76, but have no recollection of this gig (as usual; maybe I had a double for 20 years?).

Ralph Town… Terry,was Ashley Pepper in the band in Feb 76?? Coz if he was,I would have been his “roadie” at that time and I cant remember that gig either smile emoticon

Terry Pack… Yep, Ralph, Ashley Pepper was in the band then. Maybe we ALL had doppelgängers!

Alan Esdaile… Found another cutting (see above) This might be the reason you don’t remember this gig. Possibly Hollywood Killers did not support in the end and replaced by Krazy Kat?

Dave Nattress… I don’t remember this gig or gigs but saw Krazy Kat supporting the wonderful Be Bop Deluxe at Eastbourne Congress in 1976 and they were really good. I’ve got 2 vinyl albums of Krazy Kat which likewise are good. Snafu were gigging a lot in this period and I have a CD of theirs – a sort of best of I think. Need to check out personnel and tracks when I get a bit of time later today.

Jim Penfold… My sister promoted this gig (Rollerball Productions) and we were billed to support (Hollywood Killers) but for some reason we didn’t!

Gerry Fortsch… I was there.

Peter Bonner Musical – Sedlescombe Road North Silverhill – early 80’s

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Bought my drumkit from there, and was still using it up to 2012!

Roy Penfold… I used to spend (far too) many hours in there dreaming – sadly my aspirations were not equalled by my income….sigh!

Sam Rosewell… I used to buy sheet music there

Joe Knight… Get back on it 😆you were great

Colin Fox… Bought my Yamaha SG2000 their when Eddie Sargent worked there.

Rick Bonner… Wow……great memory

Steve Thorpe…. Drums!

Ann Hohenkerk… Loved working there! I ran the Yamaha Music school in the evenings and worked in the shop during the day. Happy memories!

Chris Giles… I got my guitar from there …in 1973 still got it too..

Gez Donnelly… I got my first decent guitar from there. Used to rehearse upstairs.

Hastings Jazz Festival October, year?

Mike Vawdrey… The only years which work in terms of when October 11 fell on a Friday would be 1985 and 1991. However you made an earlier posting on the 1985 event which definitely rules that out. Tenor sax man Eddie Miller died in April, 1991 which makes it most improbable that he would be billed as a participant 6 months later unless this was a very early piece of pre-publicity ? Food for thought.

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Mike, appreciated. If we went the other way could be 1974?

Percy Press the punch & judy man

Who remembers Percy Press on Hastings Pier?

Julie Morris… Used to see him in the Warrior Square shows – he was great fun!

Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure it was Percy Press doing the kids entertainment by the bandstand on the front of the pier when I was about 5 years old. Got encouraged, well pushed on the stage and handed one of those long thin balloons to blow up. He was blowing up balloon after balloon but as you guessed it was impossible for me to do it. Everyone was in hysterics watching me go red in the face and I ended up running off stage in tears!

Julie Morris… Alan, I think he used to have a game of could eat the most dry cream crackers (no water). I don’t think anyone ate more than three!

Pete Fairless… That’s the way to do it, apparently!

David Wilde… Do you know the date of this picture at all?

Alan Esdaile… 1979