Sidney Poitier R.I.P.

Claire Triance… To Sir with love gr8 film

Janine Hemsley… He was hot!

Leigh Mitchell… Great actor, very sad news indeed

Barry Upton… Great man. To sir with love

Pete Prescott… Great actor ! Also a trailblazer. A huge presence. What a life !

Andy Qunta… Legend!

Eddy Butcher… Very sad to hear R I P dear sir, the best film to sir with love

Robert Carey… Very good actor. In the Heat of the Night. All good actors.

Dennis Torrance… A tremendous actor such style RIP Sidney enjoyed your work condolences to family and friends.

Alan Esdaile… Wonderful actor. Very sad news.

Ian Price… To sir with love and in the heat of the night, RIP, great actor,very sad news

Jacquie Hinves… What a man. I loved Sidney Poitier from my youngest days and he was huge influence to me. He always reminded me so much of my best friends dad Norman Beaton who played the character of Desmond and was the first black Shakespeare actor in the country . RIP Sidney.

Chris Howard… Wonderful Actor and a Gentleman.

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… First saw Sidney acting in To Sir With Love…. brilliant actor. Very warm man. RIP Sidney



Who remembers Cask & Kettle 1984

Susanne Wybrands… I spent my summer holidays in Hastings in June 1985 and had the time of my life in the evenings with the mixes and amazing crowd at the Cask and Kettle. We celebrated New Year’s Eve in June, listened to lovely live music (there was a couple, Rob and his pregnant wife). I was on a special diet because of my allergies, and Dave, the barkeeper, served my tap water in a fancy glass with ice and lemon without charging anything. In the afternoon there were many pensioners who loved to discuss a great variety of topics, accompanied us on tours along the coast. There were young guys out of work, construction workers, surgeons – that wonderful mixture you only find in English pubs.

WEM Watkins Electric Music – what did you have?

supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox… 1964 advert. I had the Rapier 33 and the Copycat echo. What did you have?

John Williams… The copy cat

Terry Tollan… John, same

Jacqueline Marsh… That AKG D24 now sells at around £500+ on eBay lol

Chris Meachen… Had the speaker columns once…

Phil Gill… Had a WEM Sapphire for a while, two pickups, three tone sunburst and three a side headstock. I bought it from Tony Qunta. Pic of similar three pickups one below.

Wee Jock… Very similar to a burns

Steve Fox… I’m looking at a dominator 3 now.

Neil Roberts… I had a Dominator III when I was a teenager. Great amps. I think Marshall based its 20-watt PA 20 on the Dominator.

Phil Gill… I did cut out a WEM logo from the Bell’s catalogue and stick it onto the front of my home made speaker cabinet when I was 14. Pretty sure everyone was fooled into thinking it was a real WEM cab.

Ken Copsey… Still have a 33 Rapier and a valve Copicat. My first electric guitar was a Watkins Rapier bought fo 12 quid from a junk shop in the Old Town High Street. My 33 Rapier and Wem Scout combo. Louder than it looks!

Colin Fox… Me in 1962. I was 16 and we were practicing in the the scout hut in Eastbourne.

Ken Copsey… That’s a great picture! Impeccable styling with the guitar, shirt, tie and jacket.

Colin Fox… Ken, I think we took after our dads in those days. Luckily I wasn’t in to trilby hats.

Stuart Moir… AKG mic and a copycat echo they were brilliant pieces of kit, it was always a struggle to find enough money for new technology.

Colin Fox… I ‘aquired’ one of these Vox amp and speakers when Vox had a warehouse in Hastings in the 1960s. I was still using it, as this photo shows, taken in 1970. I bet a few more people ‘aquired’ equipment as well.

Ken Copsey… Colin, I assume this was Vox’s response to the Marshall 100 watt head and 4×12. Great looking back line. Judging by the volume on an AC30 the 100 watt head must have been deafening. When I was playing in the late 70’s there always seemed to be a lot of Vox gear knocking around Hastings. Our bass player had a Vox Foundation with the massive cabinet we used as a seat in the back of the Transit.

Andy Qunta… I had a later model Copicat. Loved it! Factory had lots of WEM PA gear too.

Colin Fox… I remember Rev Stockdale worked there at the time.

Tony Bird… 1961 Watkins Westminster 10 watt 4 input combo with tremolo in Blue and gold