WEM Watkins Electric Music – what did you have?

supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox… 1964 advert. I had the Rapier 33 and the Copycat echo. What did you have?

John Williams… The copy cat

Terry Tollan… John, same

Jacqueline Marsh… That AKG D24 now sells at around £500+ on eBay lol

Chris Meachen… Had the speaker columns once…

Phil Gill… Had a WEM Sapphire for a while, two pickups, three tone sunburst and three a side headstock. I bought it from Tony Qunta. Pic of similar three pickups one below.

Wee Jock… Very similar to a burns

Steve Fox… I’m looking at a dominator 3 now.

Neil Roberts… I had a Dominator III when I was a teenager. Great amps. I think Marshall based its 20-watt PA 20 on the Dominator.

Phil Gill… I did cut out a WEM logo from the Bell’s catalogue and stick it onto the front of my home made speaker cabinet when I was 14. Pretty sure everyone was fooled into thinking it was a real WEM cab.

Ken Copsey… Still have a 33 Rapier and a valve Copicat. My first electric guitar was a Watkins Rapier bought fo 12 quid from a junk shop in the Old Town High Street. My 33 Rapier and Wem Scout combo. Louder than it looks!

Colin Fox… Me in 1962. I was 16 and we were practicing in the the scout hut in Eastbourne.

Ken Copsey… That’s a great picture! Impeccable styling with the guitar, shirt, tie and jacket.

Colin Fox… Ken, I think we took after our dads in those days. Luckily I wasn’t in to trilby hats.

Stuart Moir… AKG mic and a copycat echo they were brilliant pieces of kit, it was always a struggle to find enough money for new technology.

Colin Fox… I ‘aquired’ one of these Vox amp and speakers when Vox had a warehouse in Hastings in the 1960s. I was still using it, as this photo shows, taken in 1970. I bet a few more people ‘aquired’ equipment as well.

Ken Copsey… Colin, I assume this was Vox’s response to the Marshall 100 watt head and 4×12. Great looking back line. Judging by the volume on an AC30 the 100 watt head must have been deafening. When I was playing in the late 70’s there always seemed to be a lot of Vox gear knocking around Hastings. Our bass player had a Vox Foundation with the massive cabinet we used as a seat in the back of the Transit.

Andy Qunta… I had a later model Copicat. Loved it! Factory had lots of WEM PA gear too.

Colin Fox… I remember Rev Stockdale worked there at the time.

Tony Bird… 1961 Watkins Westminster 10 watt 4 input combo with tremolo in Blue and gold


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