Peter Powell and Dave Lee Travis – Hastings Pier 1979

Matt Thomas… Peter Powell was there in 85 as well, Ashley hung about at the end to catch him and give him a cassette if his music. He did get a mention on his Radio 1 show next day though

Martin Richter… Matt, Lol – i have a similar story about a cassette tape

Jane Hartley… Peter did a show in Bonita’s around 75, I think.

Judy Atkinson… Jane, yes, I was there. I remember some game where I plucked hairs from his legs! I think it was called Queen of Clubs by then, not Bonitas

Sue Strong… Was also down the Crypt

Malcolm Sharp… Steve Wright often there, would jump on the speakers

Judy Atkinson… I saw DLT on the pier – took part in a game where I was blindfolded & fed cold rice pudding, won a lot of LPs (which I still have, including one by Gentle Giant)

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