Percy Press the punch & judy man

Who remembers Percy Press on Hastings Pier?

Julie Morris… Used to see him in the Warrior Square shows – he was great fun!

Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure it was Percy Press doing the kids entertainment by the bandstand on the front of the pier when I was about 5 years old. Got encouraged, well pushed on the stage and handed one of those long thin balloons to blow up. He was blowing up balloon after balloon but as you guessed it was impossible for me to do it. Everyone was in hysterics watching me go red in the face and I ended up running off stage in tears!

Julie Morris… Alan, I think he used to have a game of could eat the most dry cream crackers (no water). I don’t think anyone ate more than three!

Pete Fairless… That’s the way to do it, apparently!

David Wilde… Do you know the date of this picture at all?

Alan Esdaile… 1979


Who used to work at KB’s – Kolster Brandes Ponswood Industrial Estate, St Leonards?

Advert 1964

Steve Fox… I had a great time making TVs, it would have been a very depressing job full time but I was only employed temporarily for the run up to Christmas it was a great laugh!

Margaret Haywood… I worked there in 1964 and loathed every minute. I stuck it 3 months

Angie Pilbeam… Margaret, that was me at MK..8 weeks.ha

Wendy Nicholson… My mum Ena Parry did to

Patricia Usher… I worked there from 1962 til 1971. Loved every minute of it. Taught me a trade as later on in years I had good jobs with good companies. My Mum , Sister, Aunty and great friends all worked there.

Tim Moose Bruce… I worked at Buss foods, down the road from ITT/ KB. Had a cleaner who was there when it closed. He rescued some AVO 8 multimeters from the skip. Gave me one. I still got it.

Stephanie Blackledge… Yes, my great Aunt. Her nickname was Babsy. She wired circuit boards.

Judith Monk… I did a stint on final test….was hard work but fun.

Dennis Torrance… I left school 1968 July had loads of interviews went to KB was shown around with a few other boys from priory road could have had a job there and many other places so different then. I went for Collins and Hayes doing upholstery other places till I retired. It’s good to see something like this that brings back memories.

Gina Neale… My dad George Neale (you might have known him as whistling George) worked for KB from the late 1950s to the early 1980s. He worked in the Test Gear department, occasionally having to go on the roof to adjust the aerials , although he was the oldest on the section, as the younger blokes were scared of heights. I remember the Christmas parties for workers children, held in the canteen. My 2 older sisters and I used to go. By 1981 my younger brother an I had both left school. I was working next door at C&C Marshall; my brother was working at a garage place in Chichester Rd; my mum was working for MK Electric; dad was still at ITT (as it became) so we owe a lot to Ponswood. Dad was made redundant not long after, but was fortunate to get a job at Chloride Transipak where he worked until he retired.

Lynn Graham… I did, for a short while as I hated it

Stephen Moran… My mum Joan worked at KB probably in the late sixties, I don’t recall her saying anything negative about it. I think she made circuit boards for TVs.

Yolande Kenward… My mother Maria Kenward worked there in the 1970s, she died on 3.9.77, she was also known as Nusia – Joe Hyams was the Factory Manager, I was friends with his daughter, Briony Hyams via Hastings High School. Briony came to our home to arrange her dad’s 50th birthday where his secretary came and a man played the guitar